Guavaz has now become a famous name in the vicinity of kondapur and also one of very few natural ice creams available in hyderabad.
Their ice creams aren’t made her and are imported from Nagpur. It was a long pending one in my list, this comes daily on my way to office but somehow I miss this place.
Tried their seasonal seethaphal sundae – it was nothing but a disappointment. We were three of them and everyone had the same feeling of burnt taste and not so fresh flavor. We asked them for the same, after they have checked they have asked us to order something else taking this sundae back. We then ordered their natural butterscotch – it was good in taste and nothing exceptional.
Ordered fried icecream- this was ordered just because it’s been many days that I had fried ice cream and not many restaurants / places serve this. Nothing special to tell about it. Plain vanilla ice cream with fried top. Had better ones before.
However, they are priced very competitively and generous in quantity. I would only think this as their day off and visit again. But hygiene and freshness is something that matters most and would request them to keep up with it.


Guavaz Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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