Invitation – The Tourist Plaza

Invitation or rather should I call the famous Tourist Plaza. I generally refrain from writing history/geography of the place- however, this is a place where this cant be ignored. Everyone who knows Kacheguda , sure knows about Tourist. Its an old and remodelled – still retaining its oldest of customers should say more about the place.

NOTE/DISCLAIMER : This is a food tasting session (bill on the house) and the review is unbiased and true to its taste. Please note that this is a pure Veg/Jain restaurant and is located in an area where people love their every dish a little sweet. Do not expect your dish to be spicy unless you mentioned or the dish claims so 🙂

Speaking about the restaurant, sign board of the same is not so visible on the building and for a newbie, this can be missed- informed the same to their manager and he readily accepted the same and are working on fixing the issue.

Ambience– Nothing awesome to mention about. Neatly maintained, well decorated.

Staff/Service – Staff are very polite, greet and meet their customers and check every now and then. Service is also pretty quick and was not delayed anywhere. Special mention of their Manager Mr. Naresh who is very ambitious and a perfect task master to keep the place perfect and his customers happy.

Now the main course in Review – Food 🙂 ::

Starters :

Veg Manchuria – Good in taste. A little bit towards sweeter side, which is expected. Order it spicy , if you need it – I missed mine.

Crispy Manchuria – Crispy version of the above and expected to be a little spicy. Tasted good, but I haven’t found any difference in taste except being crispy.

Panner 65 – Panner is so fresh that it melted in my mouth. Have expected it to be loaded with masalas, but ended up with another little sweet dish. That said, it dint disappoint either.

Schezwan Panner -Having asked Chef about Panner 65 being sweet, he readily prepared a spicy dish for me which was this and turned out to be perfect.

Veg Spring Rolls – Could have been more crispier and a little  salt could have elevated the taste.

Crispy Corn – Modern in taste. However, wasn’t so crispy.

Main Course :

Have ordered their signature dishes Mushroom Masala and Khandari Veg along with my all time favorite Garlic Naan. Both the dishes turned out to be so tasty and wonderful. Especially Khandari Veg was scrumptious. A perfect delight for vegetable lovers. Unlike many other places where I had, Garlic Naan here was differently stuffed from inside rather than outside. This made naan more tastier, yummier and could relish the taste longer.

Veg Biryani –  A perfect blend of Masala/vegetables and carefully selected Basmati. This just melted in my mouth. People who know me would not believe me as I generally dont praise veg biryani 😉 😛 . But this turned out to be exceptional.

Curd Rice – was good and tasted sweet . On asked whether sugar was added, was told that curd itself is sweet. This delighted me :).

And an awesome dinner came to an end with Sweet Lassi,  which reminded me of Punjabi Affair Lassi (which is btw, awesome).

Their Chef Mr Shinde is very positive in taking feedback and readily/quickly prepares dish understanding our needs. He surely needs an applause for the effort he puts in to make a dish perfect.


  • Main Course – All the dishes I had were very good.
  • Attentive Staff
  • Quick Service
  • Pricing syncs good with quantity/quality if not very well.  Could increase a little more in quantity.

Areas of Improvement:

  • Ambience
  • Starters
  • Desserts is nothing much and special. Could add few signature dishes to stand out and pamper customer’s taste buds.

Verdict :

A perfect place for vegetarian lovers.


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