Oh Bean Der


Oh Bean Der…!?  Oh Yeah, I have been Der.  Let’s find out what I enjoyed when I have been Der.

Oh Bean Der as it claims is a global cuisine. Though their ambience is good,  somehow I felt it could be better (may be because I visited this place for lunch).

Their menu doesn’t boast of long list of items from different cuisines (Indian, Italian, Mexican, Thai to name a few),  but carefully selected signature dishes from each cuisine. Butta Hospitality COO Anil is a very ambitious person and he ensured that every dish is delivered to the customer with perfection. The show stealer for me was the plating. Though it’s a bloggers table,  have found that even to a regular customer they do serve with a beautiful presentation.  Looks like they strictly believe “First impression is the best impression”. Let’s dig into the details of the food.


Watermelon smoothie- It has a healthy twist to regular watermelon juice with a dash of ginger and pudina (as far as I remember).

Appletini- Concentrated Apple juice with a punch of salt.  Tasted good.

KitKat Shake- it reminded me of my favorite shake Chocolate Brownie Shake from Mom.  Not that it tasted similar, but the feel when you have an awesome shake.


I was offered a fusion drink or as some say just a soup Mushroom cappuccino with garlic breads (global version of Chai biskoot 😝 ) and it blowed me off. It tasted heavenly. Surely tops their menu.


Vegetable stick kebab and Potato Salsa shots – Both of them tasted sumptuous both in plating and taste. See it to feel it.

Orange and BBQ glazed chicken wings-

Tasted good and I felt the same taste of Buffalo wings.  Haven’t felt the domination of required flavors.

Main Course:

Buffalo BBQ chicken burger- Nothing exceptional. Good in taste with a sweeter BBQ SAUCE.

Cajun Chicken Pizza- was plated on thin crust. Dominated by tangy flavor. Good but can be better.

Penne Alfredo and Fusilli Basil Pesto- both of them were very creamy and lived up to their names. Yummilicious.

Thai Prawn Green curry with rice- prawns were super fresh and yummy. Tasted delicious.

Lachedar Butter Chicken Combo- I have liked chicken in this so much that,  I have left roti and had pieces directly. Their were so juicy and tasty.

Fish O Fish- One word. sumptuous. Doesn’t have to describe more.

Last but not the least,  DESSERTS:

A Platter of desserts were offered which had chocolate truffle cake, red velvet cake, brownie and choco  Lava.  Though they tasted good,  need an improvement in this area, for which the management has taken the feedback positively and said would work on it.


  • Decently priced.
  • Awesome main dishes and fusion drinks.
  • Carefully selected signature dishes at lowest price possible.


  • Desserts could be improved in taste.
  • Ambience is good but can be worked on in my view.


Go for it without a doubt.


Oh Bean Der Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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