Shahib’s Barbeque by Ohri’s – The Hyderabadi Khana

Ohri’s, a famous food chain known to almost everyone in the vicinity of Hyderabad. They have now added their foot print into the ‘now booming but risky’ Barbeque cuisine with a bang. They have ensured that their presentation of food (few if not all) and items must be surpassing the now existing chains of barbeques.

They had around 7-8 varieties of starters both in Veg/Non-Veg, and atleast half of them are grill/BBQ starters.

Another thing worth mentioning here is the live music with melodious choice of songs. 
Lets check  how was the food.

Starters (VEG):

4 Regular starters Hara Mutter ki Tikki, Kala Chane ki Tikki, Veg Lukmi and Butter Corn – My Pick of these Veg Lukmi -Tasted real good. Others were nothing exceptional but good in taste.

Grill mein Mushroom,Malai Brocolli and Peshawari Panner. While Panner was fresh and tasty, Brocolli stealed the show. Mushroom was good but dint had any flavor out of it.


Mutton Lukmi- I have loved this on top of all the starters. It was yummilicious.

Tangdi Kebab and Pathrani Fish Fry : They are the next best.

Whats in Grill – Khandari Jhinga,Darbari Chicken Tikka and Mutton Sheek Kebab- All of these were as good as they were expected.

Main Course:

As it happens in every other BBQ buffet, so did it happen here as well. End up eating more starters and not even 1/4th of your empty stomach for main course.

Though there was a good spread of items, I have had only few of them as my tummy was not supporting for heavy load.

Tried marag and it tasted yummy.

Haleem was a surprise for me there and it tasted good if not better.

And then jumped to my favorite Biryani. Both Mutton and Chicken were available , but to my luck both were not so hot. Waited for a refill, but even that was not served hot, just that pieces were added. And the taste, abhi garam hain to kuch malum padta tha. Still it tasted above average, it might have tasted different had it been served hot. I have also not cared to request waiter for hotter biryani as I was feeling full by then, otherwise their staff/service is quite good (delayed, but good, not enough for Ohri’s).


They played their innovation here. Whats the new ones ?

Biryani IceCream – Not its not biryani with ice cream. Its the flavor that was brought out. Very good attempt. Could get better.

Guntur Mirchi IceCream-Oh, it melted just like any other ice cream, and whats the after effect ? Spicy feel in your throat. Enjoyed it. Have it with caution.

Pan Ice cream is no new, but it did satisfy the craving for paan at the end.

While Qubani dint do any justice, I have had the best Double ka Meetha in the recent times.  There was one more dessert, which I’m not able to recollect the name, but it was smoky and good (dish itself is smoky).


  • Nice presentation of few dishes and few new items.
  • Starters were good.
  • Live music. 


  • BBQ sticks were not so good. The handles came out almost all the times, which is not at all safe. This is something that Ohri’s need to seriously work on.
  • Smoke exhausters/cleaners were not so effective. There were times, where we had to get up from our places due to accumulation of smoke from BBQ stand.
  • While the service was good, it was not quick enough- an area that can be worked on.
  • Not all the starters were impressive, could be worked on.



Its a very good BBQ spread and taste by Shahib’s , but had more expectations from the Food Giants. All in all, its definitely worth a visit.


Sahib’s Barbeque by Ohri’s Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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