Nice Juice Centre – Tolichowki

This one is in my wishlist for soooo long and has come true only now. Must say that I have to regret for not going any sooner here. I’m just blown away with their excuisite/delicious/yummilicious and most improtantly retaining the original and fresh fruits taste(Not dominated by their other add-ons).

We started with Mulberry Cream Bowl and seasonal special Seethaphal Cream Bowl. Even though I was full, I was just feasting on these desserts, thats how scumptious they were. Taher bhai then said that their Khuwate Jinn (Or you can call it dry fruit overload) is boasted so much that it gives the power of Genie (Remember Alladin ka Genie ). Well, you wont end up a genie, but definitely rich in protiens and vitamins, given its purely a mix of all the dry fruits and topped with them very generously. Mind that we have only ordered a mini version of it and were not able to complete it. That’s how heavy it was.

Its a must visit place for anyone who loves juices/desserts. Their cream bowls is a healthy replacement for our ice cream lovers(Yeah, I know it has lots of calories, but loaded with rich fruits). I will go again and again to satisfy my craving for these delicious desserts/shakes.


Nice Juice Centre Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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