Jonathan’s Kitchen

Was here for a Sunday brunch or as our HOMPERS say, Lazy Lunch.  Its a Premium/Luxury Upscale restaurant that serves liquor too and is generally part of their Saturday and Sunday Brunch. However, we were here on Gandhi Jayanti, so its only food (set menu) that we enjoyed priced at 700 AI.

Their ambience is just perfect and suits their luxury dining. Added to it is enjoyable Live Music 👍 .  We will also look into how the food fared.

Below review is only for veg dishes given my Navaratri period and would defintely revise my blog after I hit their place again for their scumptious speciality Non-Veg dishes.

Zucchini ala Parmigiana (veg) soup was one of the best soups I had. Dint get to check what is it made of , but it was awesomely luscious.

Starters :

Achari Paneer Tikka  was really awesome with its soft , fresh and juicy paneer and rich achar added to this. One dish that we asked many times.

Falafel Kebab and Crispy Corn Pepper Salt were good and tasty.

Insalata Rucola Salad was not that great and had bitter flavor at parts. Salad might have to be properly mixed with right sauces to make it better, but they were not present as generous as required. Could be something that can be worked on.

Mocktails Kiwi Kiss , Litchi Splash and Aam Panna were the ones I tried and they were just ok. Given the fame that this place had, I seriously expected better Mocktails. Both Kiwi and Litchi had dominating flavor of soft drinks rather than the juice itself. Aam Panna was only having juice with the required masala and did not quite go well.  Another place that could get better.


Main Course :

Tagliolini Al Pesto was fresh and tasted good with its right mix of sauces. Could have been more creamy, but this was good too.

Margherita Pizza was on a thin crust with its fresh flavors of tomato sauce and cheese, was indeed good and delicious.

Asian Greens with Tofu in Spicy Red Chilli Sauce was the one that caught my attention in main course. It was superlicious. Just the way I liked. Spicy Red Chilli Sauce was indeed spicy and I really enjoyed it.

Veg Burger patty was so so fresh and palatable that for sometime it made me forget my other favorites in Non Veg Burgers. Thumbs Up ☝ 👍 .

Veg Biryani was a big surprise for me and was good enough for a place like this. Just that enough salt was not there, but was quite good.

Desserts :

Blue Berry Cheese Cake honestly was not the best I had. It was more of a cream rather than cheese. Though it tasted good with that, it wasn’t the actual cheese cake taste. Even the base of the cake was a little harder and could have used a softer base for easy cut/bite.

Gulab Jamun was more sweeter, had it been any less sweet it would have been tasty.

Their service staff were really helpful and there is no denying that, however has to pick up the pace given most of the dishes were served late and had to request multiple times. I am aware of the face that they handle much more crowd than it was today, possibly staff might have been on leave given in was a national Holiday.


  • Peaceful Ambience and Live Music.
  • Good Starters and main dishes.


  • Mocktails could get better.
  • Desserts would need improvement.
  • Pretty slow service , which I think was temporary let down, but my experience during my visit is this.


This place is definitely worth the price and their actual brunches includes alcohol and very well priced (I believe it would have a different menu). As I mentioned above, I would definitely visit this place again for their food other than Veg which I missed during this visit.


Jonathan's Kitchen - Holiday Inn Express & Suites Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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