Hyderabad Social

Hyderabad Social is one of the very few places in twin cities which has beautiful ambience, amazing rooftop, Seesha and decent food. With the same expectations (sans seesha) we were here for Sunday brunch.

Well any brunch generally would start at-least by 12 and the same time was agreed. For some reason (mind that it was a foodies meet up and management was already aware of it), the staff were still playing cool even after 12 and nothing was even remotely ready. Only after our admins pushed them they took their job a little serious than before and started cleaning the place. I was stunned to see that they used one of the kitchen utensils to clean the floor (unsure of whether it’s gonna be used inside kitchen or not). Their ambience is great,  but very poorly maintained. Mocktails started coming in only at 12.40 and it was with Mojito which was good and nothing special. Their another mocktail orange mix was nothing near to get impressed.

They had breakfast as part of brunch.  They placed corn flakes with out milk :/ .  Unsure how they expected to eat it. Other breakfast items sandwiches, cheese, eggs fared decent.

Starters started coming in around 1 to 1.15 and most of the dishes were brought in with less quantity so they were quick enough to get emptied out, however, replenishing the same dint come that quicker and that made us wait for long time.Many of the dishes present in the brunch menu were either not refilled or not at all put on the buffet.

I managed grab few pieces of Paneer Chilli, for which I had hard time to figure out whether it was Paneer or tofu given it was very hard and dint feel any fresh. Also had one lonely left piece of veg spring roll which was over Crispy and dint go very well. Golden fried baby corn did look delicious in looks but it proved otherwise when tasted.

They had 4 non veg starters listed in their brunch menu. But I was able to see only 2 starters in the beginning chicken Malai Kebab and chicken angaara kebab which were also emptied out as fast as its veg counter parts.  Both tasted OK and nothing special. On the later part of the day I found butter prawn which had too much butter in it and killed the actual flavor of prawns. Haven’t found fish starter in any of my near by plates,  so I assume it wasn’t served.

Their chicken salad was very tasty and delicious and this is one dish that saved the day.

Main Course was promised with good array of dishes but due to their lack of proper service and refilling emptied out dishes,  I was able to try only Methi Chaman and Veg Kadai. While methi chaman tasted good and went well with Naan, veg kadai was a little on sweeter side. Haven’t found Dal makhani. No non veg curries were found on my repeated visits – only  their empty dishes to be found, hence did not have any of them.  Tried their chicken biryani,  however it turned out to be pulav with full of saffron  in the biryani. Dint taste so good.

Noodles were bland and Garlic sauce was OK. My all time favorite Alfredo turned out to be not so good one,  their cream could take help of better preparation.

Another saving grace was Gulab jamun among their desserts which was yummilicious. As promised there weren’t 4 desserts and only served with 3. Other 2 being bland vanilla and tad hard butterscotch pastry.

A place such as this has to really take things seriously and serve better. These things can make a day or ruin the same. Given I was in a good company of friends, I enjoyed my day despite of other aspects dint turn out so well. I believe due to lack of proper coordination, they lost the plot today. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes and take the review on a positive note. I would like to visit this place again once they fix these issues of better management. 

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