The Grand Trunk Road

The Grand – Grand Trunk Road is making buzz for quite a while now for its lovely ambience, typically dhaba style and still very much sophisticated for upscale dining too. Was in my wishlist for quite sometime now, and then I made it here for their Lunch Buffet.

We started our lunch quite early around 12:30 PM and the place was quite empty by then and started filling gradually. Starters and Soup was served on table. Chicken Monchow Soup was yummilicious and very soothing. Their Mocktail Kiwi Delight  was nothing special and the syrup was added more due to which it turned out more sweet.

Paneer Achari Tikka in veg did not carry enough achar to give than achari feel and I could only taste much of paneer in it. Paneer however was very fresh and delicious.

Bhutte Ke Khebab was quite tasty and scrumptious. The spices in it went along quite well. Crispy Fried Veg did not impress my taste buds.

Kufpao Chicken Dry was very delicious and one of the best chicken starters I had. While the other Chicken starter Murgh Hariyali Tikka hasnt caught my attention.

Crispy Fried fish was indeed crispy and fish was fresh. But it did lack enough spices by an inch to make dish super yummy.

Main Course had more of Veg dishes rather than Non-Veg dishes. While there were 4 Veg Curries, I was able to find only 2 non Veg curries, 3 if you count Egg Bhurji :P.

On Veg front Dal Maska is indeed their signature dish, it was super delicious. Oh yes, they did add loads of ghee in it. It might be one of the reasons to make this dish as it was. Paneer curry was quite good too. Baigna barthan had excess salt in it and wasnt very good. Veg Mix Curry was quite tasty too.

I generally do not like Noodles in buffets, but this was exceptional . Their Hakka Noodles was just slipping into my tummy. Stirred Vegetables with Hot Garlic Sauce and Shrimps in Chilli Oyster Sauce went quite well with this dish.

Mutton RoganJosh  had fresh and very juicy pieces of mutton in it but the gravy dint impress much.

Chicken Biryani was quite bland and dry. Definitely a big let down in whole menu.

Their live counters were nothing much to discuss/impress which had Gol Gappa, Chaat, Pav Bhaji.

There were 6 Desserts that I had. Out of which Caramel Mousse impressed me a lot. Jalebi with Rabri tasted equally delicious. Others Pineapple pastry,Carrot Halwa, Kheer were almost near to delicious.Coconut Rasgulla was something new that I tried and was unique in taste.


  • Great ambience. Large seating capacity too.Can accommodate around 100 or may be more. Looks more beautiful especially at nights.
  • Delicious Food.


  • Their stewards needs better polish. They did decent job, but most of the times, they werent quick enough.
  • Their main course was lacking enough Non-Veg dishes in buffet. Something that could be looked into.


Definitely a wonderful place to spend your time leisurely and enjoy every bit of it. Have missed their signature dishes and I would love to go back for those.

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