Guilt Trip – Madhapur

Guilt Trip is one of the best places in town to have delicious melting in the mouth desserts, esp their Red Velvet Cup Cakes and Cheese Cakes. With their huge success in Banjara Hills, they opened their gates in Madhapur last week, to tantalize more taste buds in the city.

Stepped in here with Foodie friends, for lunch. Though its famous for desserts, they also have some yummy Italian dishes along with Burgers,Mocktails and sandwiches.

We have started our sinful indulgence with Burgers and Pizzas.  Fried Chicken burger and Mozzarella Cheese Burgers were the ones in our kitty, the former tasted good and tasty, however- nothing exceptional in it. As our foodies said- Mozzarella Cheese Fried burger stands truly a Guilt burger, having a big slice of cheese which is fried to perfection and boy, it was sooo juicy, loved it.

Roasted  Chicken Pizza , made on a thin crust tasted good if not better. Salami Pizza topped with olives, again on a thin crust, mildly crisp tasted scrumptious. Salami styled cut chicken gave a delicious feel adding more juice to whole lovely feel.

Lamb Bolognese from pasta house, to describe in desi way is a kheema Pasta. It was sumptuous with bolognese sauce and kheema (#desiversion) minced to perfection.


We also ordered different mocktails 3L’s, Berry Rosemary,Orange Basil Mojito, Cafe Frappe and Caramel Frappe. My favorite from the lot were Berry Rosemary which tasted delectable and Caramel Frappe did carry a tasty flavor of both the blend of Coffee and Caramel.

Egg White Spinach was nothing special but an egg white omlette with breads. Nothing much special here.

Now comes the actual store specials, cupcakes and pastries.

Blueberry Cheese Cake did taste very delicious, while the blueberry could have been a little more better, rest part of the cake was handled finest. However, I had better versions of this in other places.

Their store special Red Velvet Cheese Cake, was truly delicious. It, however missed to capture’WOW’ factor in me. Their other version Red Velvet Newyork Cheese Cake did not entertain me as its big brother did, not that it wasnt good, but we expected more better.

While Death By Chocolate tasted good, the after bitter feel that you usually get from the pastry was brought out by its cream instead. Kind of a different feel for me.Caramel Cheese Cake turned out to be a little harder cheese layer than expected and did not come out very well (it would be better than this in their usual days, overfreezed today).

Their cupcakes were amazing as they were expected to be. The ones that stood out for me was Blue Velvet and the other variant where I missed its name unfortunately, which reminded me of my childhood cake taste.

Pro Tip: Have some bitter drink when you want to try many variants in desserts, this would help in cutting the sugar levels. This is because every dessert leaves lot of sugar and cream in case of cakes which stays on your tongue for a while and makes it difficult for you to taste the true flavor of other. We had green tea in this case and it surely helped. Pro Tip Donor Sohail Alam bhai 😉

You would definitely want to visit this place to try their amazing desserts esp their red velvet cupcakes and cheesecakes, if not for anything else. They are decently priced for the quality they provide too. Don’t wait , just go for it.

 Guilt Trip Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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