China Bistro – Sizzler Festival

China Bistro, a famous name among Chinese Joints in Hyderabad, who has captured a very good customer base in a short span of time with their delicacies. They have launched Crackling Sizzler Festival this Festival season, giving one more reason to celebrate for Hyderabadis with their delicious tummy kush dishes. This event which started on 24th Oct will run through rest of the Oct and end on 13th Nov. They do have both Veg and non veg sizzlers/platters which start at 325/-

This review is based on a review session and was on the house. Reviews are true to taste and unbiased for the interest of readers and restaurant.

We have started our far east journey with delicious Orange Basil mocktail which was flavorful and appetizing.

Then flowed in Crackling Sizzlers as they say, with Roast Lamb Teppanyaki  which was truly delicious and the meat was just melting in the mouth with their sauces balancing the dish. Very hard to find such quality of meat. Second serve of the same dish wasn’t as good as the first one though.

Prawn Cheese Gillettes was no less to the best and I liked the patty style of its making. Crunchy from outside and juicy from inside.

Moya Lobster is the first time that I tried lobster and it did not disappoint me. Tasted scrumptious in their sauces.

Chicken Dimsum Platter had a set of best dimsums and were delicious. One of the dimsum which was topped with Sesame seeds had too much of sesames added to it, killing the actual flavor of the dish #myopinion .

Sintu Soy Fish did taste good, however I felt that it could have been better with their sauces in it and a little more salt could help it.

Chicken with 7 spice,honey and sesame  could have been a wonderful dish for the night, given if the honey flavor was not so much dominating.

A festival that has dishes to everyone’s liking and not to forget their usual best menu always handy to add on. Do try and extend your joyous mood. Happy Festival 🙂 .

China Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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