Oh So Stoned – Banjara Hills

Oh So Stoned, or rather Oh So Delicious  !!  ❤ One of the best cold stone ice creams that has zoomed into this market very rapidly and now they have 4 branches across the main locations of the city. They have some of very good creations that will make you drool whenever you come across with just a thought of it.


We had Say Cheese,Charlie & the chocolate factory and Baked Cheese Cake topped with Blueberry in our latest visit.

Charlie and the chocolate Factory  which is a scrumptious blend of chocolate,vanilla,brownie and cashews will make you go heavens. When this is topped with hot chocolate fudge, this will only add more smiles to your mood. One of the best brownie mixed dishes I had.  Definitely recommended for Choco lovers.


Say Cheese as the name fancily says is a product of cheese cake which has a mix of vanilla and frozen fruits. This tastes best when cheese in it is melted at the right emperature and blended perfectly. Given this cheese is freezed at 4-5 degrees, it gets hard and when its not reheated properly, you are bound to eat gulps of cheese at a bite , which happened with us. Else it could have been a wonderful dessert.


Baked Cheese Cake topped with blueberry as it goes, is a hard cheese and not a soft,creamy one. This again as mentioned, needs to be reheated correctly which worked perfectly awesome and blueberry on top of it only elevated the taste and it was delectable. Another must try at this place.


Their service not to be forgotten, takes care of their customers very well and ensures to keep no stone unturned to keep their customers happy. Syed Salah, their Manager (all the branches) and their branch team ensured that they get cheese cake at any cost ( it was out of stock when we reached the place) running through all the branches and got it to ensure that their customers wont go disappointed in return. And it goes without saying, a lovely desserts place to visit anytime around the year.

Oh So Stoned! Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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