Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill , a Gourmet fine Dining entered into ever booming Hyderabad market recently and been making noise ever since – be it in their killer signature dishes or in their royal ambiance.

Price Factor : Its a fine dining , so expect it to be pricey. About 1600 (including taxes) for 2 if you would like to have a tummyful experience.

Location : Conveniently located at one of the busiest places Jubilee Check Post, with no worries of parking.

For a Tue evening, I was surprised to see this place crowded. Apparently, there was a private party going on. Even in other regular weekdays, I was told that similar situation exists here. That itself speaks a lot about this place.

We quickly jumped into starters starting with Batti Da Murgh. As the name clearly speaks out it is made on batti, properly marinated with spiced yogurt  and mugga gave a perfect amalgamation and juicier product.

Chaamp Tajdar was next on the list and easily the best dish for the night.  These Lamb Chops had a mix of all the spices along with kasoori methi and grilled to perfection. Loved it.

Fish Amritsari made using River sole was succulent inside and crunchy outside. It had a dominant flavor of Nimbu in it, which if can be little bit lowered could be more delicious.

Murgh Tikka Punjab Grill, a specality dish made with soft and fresh chicken chunks dipped in blend of cumin,cream, cheddar cheese and also added Garlic to elevate the taste and served after a proper grill, one of the most scrumptious dish.

Tandoori Murgh was also brought in and had decent expectations after some of the awesome grill dishes. However, the taste was a little bitter may be because herbs/sauces could have been added more than what could have been sufficient.

We were served with Meat Punjab Grill & Dhaniya Mirch ka Kukkad curries for main course along with Butter and Garlic Naans.

Dhaniya Mirch Ka Kukkad which has delicious chicken drumsticks dipped in a gravy made with mix of cinnamon, coriander and mace. Chicken was Succulent, gravy tasted good. Had the gravy blend to perfection, it could have been more tastier.

Meat Punjab Grill had sumptuous chunks of mutton and gravy based of mirchi and other herbs, was overpowered with the flavor of chilli and the actual taste of gravy did not come out of this domination. Could have been better.

Surprisingly, the best of the menu were Desserts for me. We had Firni, Gulab Jamun, Badami Kheer and Litchi ki Tehri.

Phirni a classic creamy pudding induced with perfectly grinded badam and rice (powdered)  was just slipping into the stomach at a flash speed. That’s how beauty it was.Badami Kheer was no less to phirni and tasted delicious too.

Gulab Jamun was perfectly sweetened, nothing more and nothing less.  It also had a small portion of Nutella filling in the mid of it, which improved taste even better.

Litchi Ki Tehri made in reach cream base and mouth watering litchi in that appetizing cream tasted delectable.

A perfect end to the dinner came with Paan shots which is no less to the actual paan and tasted very true. Wonderful attempt (y) .

Bottomline: Best of the flavors of Punjab are brought in here in the form of Punjab Grill. While most of the dishes fared well, the consistency somehow is lacking once in a while in few dishes. That said, it still would live up to its hype and one of the best Punjabi Cuisines in Hyderabad. Come here and have a ‘Balle Balle’ experience (y). All the best to their team.

Punjab Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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