Little Italy – Hitech City

Little Italy always had a special place in my heart as it serves one of the best vegetarian Italian food, I specially love their pastas – they are beyond awessome. As it was long back that I have been to this place and adding to it the awesome HFC event, made me a run for this place. It was a relaunch of their roof top, named as Sky Lounge. Ambiance was enthralling and apt for a candle light dinner and they can comfortably seat 35 pax.

There was a special curated menu for us which was served. Details as we read along :
Warmly welcomed with Cool Fresh Lime Mint Water. Lime base for me is always a refreshing drink and so was it. Drink however, was a little more diluted than required.
Started off in starters with Bruschetta an antipasto,is the best way to enjoy the flavors of fresh tomato, basil, garlic and a dash of olive oil topped with Oregano. It was flawless (y).
Next on the list was Nachos topped with Cheese ( Italian version of Papad and ghee 😛 ) elevated my taste buds.
Palle di potato was fried and mild crisp version of potato, tasted good when had with the sauce provided.

Soup that was available was, Pomodoro Minestrone which is made with tomatoes, carrots, eggplants, zucchini and few other veggies – which basically is used as a energetic and nutrient rich broth. Though there was goodness in it, it was over diluted due to which it may have lacked the ‘WOW’ factor.
There were 2 salads available Caprese and Insalata Mista.
Caprese, a slice of fresh ripe tomato and another slice of mozzarella cheese drizzled, as they say, with olive oil, also added black olive tasted yummylicious.
Insalata Mista, a mix of premium veggies which includes which includes lettuce and olives drizzled with extra virgin olive oil was perfectly made. It did not tickle my taste buds though.

Main Course Had allarabbiata, which is no saucy and a little spicy pasta could have done better , given it was more dry than how it has to be ( Or atleast that’s how I would have liked it).
Assorted Pizzas (4 varieties) though was delicious, tasted same (all the variants I tried) sans toppings. Could be a possibility that base isn’t changed.
Mexican Rice was okish and nothing great in taste.

Desserts, to end with, stole the show. Blueberry cheese cake and Mango cheese cake were heavenly ❤. Choco Pastry was no less to these in taste. Blueberry cheese cake was irresistible. I was just gulping them one by one 😛 a sinful end 😀 .

Service :
Service would definitely need a big push, if they are full house. It was pretty much slow the night we were there. It may be because they were full house, but this is something which defines our experience.

Bottom Line : Though the main course did not impress much, other departments fared well, if not excellent. Based on my previous experiences, I could tell that this place does serve one of the best Italian dishes in the city (only veg please 🙂 ). This just may be a day, where things might not go as they/we expected.


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