Malaka Spice

Malaka Spice, one of the best South East Asian cuisines in India , has opened its doors in Hyderabad recently. This is their 6th branch, others located at Pune, Nashik and Goa. This place as mentioned has a blend of cuisines which includes Mayasian, Thai, Viatnamese, Japanese, Korean and Asian food. They have taken inspiration from these cuisines and added their fusion on this and their inspiration for the name Malaka comes from a popular place in South East Asia ‘Melaka’ which is famous for its spices. Nothing authentic, nothing traditional, a fusion of these worlds surely would make you love the  delicacies.

They are pretty huge in place and capacity with almost 250+pax occupancy. Located in one of the ultra posh locations, Jubilee Hills and this place is surrounded by rocks, has a beautiful outdoor ambiance, which looks more attractive at night. Ambiance inside has plain and shiny colors and paints hanged on those walls. Though initially, we did not observe what the tags were, later realized that they are for sale. There were many paint boards hanged across restaurant, which are for sale. This encourages small time artists too and also creates pleasing ambiance inside restro, a win-win for both.

Price Factor :  This restaurant has array of dishes from various cuisines that you might not find elsewhere. Quality of the food is top notch. Expect it to be pricey. 1600-2000 for 2.

It was for a social meetup we gathered here and was invited by the restaurant. Food was on the house. Below review is true to taste and honest in the interest of fellow foodies and restaurant.

We started with some of their signature and recommended starters.

Top Hat: Tried Veg/Chicken/Mutton variants of this dish. Basically its a fried cup which is stuffed with sprouts,minced veggies and herbs in veg version. Veggies get replaced with Chicken/Mutton in their counterparts. 3 of the variants were delicious and I have gulped single cup at at time 😉 . Crispy outside and juicy inside. Recommended to have it when its served hot.

Pumpkin Chips: A first of its kind for me to have pumpkin chips. Golden Fried and crispy, it truly tasted delicious.

Lotus Stem Tango: Name says it all, a slice of lotus stem with that tangy flavor. Was tasty. Again, this is the first time I had such dish. This is rich in protein bag too.

D for Dumpling: We had the prawn variant, which had steamed prawns stuffed into Dumpling. As they Say, D for Delicious, it truly was, when had with Soya sauce.

Grilled Chicken Skewers: Chicken breast is used for this dish which is marinated in herbs and grilled. Served with sticks like kulfi, probably is the only dish which I love so much which has breast part in it. Served and recommended to have with thick Peanut Sauce. This dish however, had no or very minimal salt in it due to which the taste did not come out very well.

Thai Mutton Chops: Soft and Succulent Chops soaked in peppery, marinated with flavors and grilled. Indeed was delicious. Few of us though, did not get a better mutton chops which were a little chewy. Same was informed to management and they have taken a note of it.

Chicken Thigh Thai: Chicken’s thigh is used and marinated basil, thai chillis and garlic. Served after it is grilled. This dish also lacked salt and wasn’t able to enjoy the dish.

Murtabak: Tried mutton variant in it.Kheema stuffed in pancake and is a popular dish amoung muslims. Enjoyed having this.


Malaka Tom Kha Soup: A brew of coconut milk, spiced with lemon grass,chilli oil and to elevate the flavor, also added galangal ( from Ginger family). One of the best soups that I have tasted. You could feel these flavors in every sip.

Tom Yum Pad: Its basically a hot & Sour soup with Malaka’s signature touch in it. Tasted good.

Madurasi : A famous soup amound Indonesian island of Madura, did look colorful. Was it tasty ? May be. The first 2 were even better.


Was served with Malaka Thai Iced Tea, Paradise Passion and Peach Ice Tea. Paradise passion is my pick among the lot, which also is nothing exceptional, but tasted decent comparatively. Thai Iced Tea could suit people who love Iced Teas.

Tangy Green Papaya Salad:  Shredded green papaya, mixed with chilli and tangy lime, did not impress my taste buds.


Main Course:

Stir Fried – Broccoli with Whole Garlic: A health dish which has fresh broccoli and rich in anti-oxidant Garlics stirred in light soya sauce. Tasted good.

Stir Fried – Honey Garlic and Chilli Chicken: Chicken chunks along with broccoli , garlic and chillies are stir fried in honey and black bean sauce. Prepared using sesame Oil. Though it was tasty, felt that it could have been better.

Malaka Curry Kapitan : A dish from south east cuisine, has over twenty delicate spices with cashews and coconut and when mixed with Jhala, was truly scrumptious. One of the best dish we had for the day.

Malaka Thai Red Curry: Another dish from South East, prepared with red chillies along with some flavorful spices, coconut milk  and fish. Fish was succulent and the paste was tasty too.

Phad Thai Noodles with crunchy peanuts: One of the best noodles I had till date. A traditional Thai stir fried noodles (flat noodles), with a hint of tamarind and vinegar.


Roti Jhala: Innovation at its best. Their inhouse preparation, light laced net crepes, looks amazing and tastes even better. Put on the curries on this, smash it , mix it and eat it. Awesome feeling it is!

Roti Kanai:  Though the name seems different, it is nothing but malabar paratha. Tasted good with curries.

Now comes the best of the best part- DESSERTS:

Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream: Though the name looks regular just as in every other menu, this brownie is one of the best I had. Soft and juicy, topped with walnuts was an amazing dish of the day.

Date & Coconut Roll: Innovation in desserts, this dish where mashed dates are put in crunchy coconut roll and served with coconut ice cream was another amazing dish.

Paan Ice Cream: It has a perfect blend of vanilla and ghulkand,paan ke patthe and other flavors. Need to have a paan after a heavy meal ? This is just that one dish for YOU.

Bottomline: Sans a couple of dishes, most of them tasted delicious if not amazing. Desserts were show stealer. Few of the inhouse inventions are truly a bliss. A place that could definitely be tried out again and again and never get bored. That’s how vast their menu is and so is the place 😉 .

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