Mamagoto – Kondapur

Mamagoto, one of the popular places in Hyd which serves Asian cuisine, has opened their doors in the heart of IT HUB, Kondapur. Part of Azure Hospitality and spread across 8 cities in India, is growing and expanding , as they say “like a bubble gum” 🙂 . They have anti- buffet for lunch which is pocket friendly , priced at 475+ taxes. Lets look at how this new place and their food is!


Their ambiance is vibrant and each of the paintings on their roofs,walls and seat cushions are well thought and designed suited to cuisine 🙂 .

Price Factor:

While the veg dishes are priced between 200-350, no-veg dishes could go up to 600/- depending on chicken/lamb/sea food. should be anywhere between 1400-1600 for 2.

This food session was a bloggers table, invited by the restaurant and was on the house. Below review is true to taste and honest in the interest of fellow foodies and restaurant.



Kiwi and Mint Collins: Mocktail that has mashed/grinded kiwi along with mint and lime when topped with Soda is the best mocktail I had till date. That pulpy feel in every sip will make you go ‘woooooow’.

Blueberry Cooler: Berries blended with lime using soda, is another gem in this arena.

Fresh Coconut Orange infused smoothie : presented in green coconut , blending coconut water with orange is something different and must try. They could make it more better though.

Watermelon Beach can act as a refreshing drink in summer and a soothing drink for other seasons 😉 . Indeed a good one.

Other mocktails that we tried were Lemon Zest , Orange Virgin Sangria were okish and nothing special.


Crispy Lotus Stem : Lotus Stem, has become my new favorite in Asian cuisine recently. As they say it is indeed crispy, throwing in the garlic flavor and tasty too. However, haven’t felt any saucy feel in it. Either way, I liked the dish.

Hua Hin Highway Rolls (veg) or you can simply call it spring rolls in desi style. It, however has premium stuffing into it which is galangal lemongrass with cheese in crispy asparagus roll. Delicious when had with the dip provided.

Cheese & Truffle Oil Dumplings(veg) , recent entrant in to their menu were heavenly. I simply loved it.

Tacos, a creative dish which was served in both veg which has cheese stuffing in it and smokey chicken stuffing in the other variant when tasted with that soft tacos was scrumptious.

Rock Shrimp tempura was one dish which everyone loved to the core. It was crispy, tasty and more delicious when had with chilli mayo dip. This was one dish which we had like we are having pop-corn 🙂 . Amazing!

Hot Basil Chicken Cups , served on a lettuce cup which has mashed chicken sprinkled with chilli and pepper , adding the sauce on top of it and have it in a gulp , will amaze you 🙂 sumptuous (y) .

Java Grilled Fish which is marinated in sambal sauce, wrapped in banana leaf and served with a cup of sticky rice, was juicy but did not go very well with the sauces for me.

Chicken Gyoza which is stuffed with chicken and tossed in sesame oil was another ‘WOW’ dish. Yummy!!

Main Course:

Chiang Mai Train Station Noodles , a khao suey style noodles which is srved in coconut milk, stirred with burnt garlic, onion and other herbs tasted good, if not any better.

Prawn three pepper bomb, will really explode in your mouth, should you try to have that grape looking pepper without precaution. Succulent enough to enjoy the dish.

Stir Fried Pak Choi and Water Chestnut is a new dish with new ingredients for me, which is good for health/diet watchers. Steamed Fish in green chilli sauce is another dish for weight watchers and food lovers which tasted good too.

Chicken Masaman Curry is a thick thai coconut flavored dish which has potatoes and onions, when served with rice is an excellent combination to have one (y). It is a little bit on a sweeter side though.

Pad thai noodles which are prepared with flat noodles and chicken and topped with peanuts had a distinct flavor in it and tasted good.

Desserts :

Blue Berry Cheese Cake which is made with Philadelphia cheese, is very rich in taste and succulent. Blueberry cream topping was also equally tasty.

Caramel Sponge Cake served with TOFFEE sauce was appetizing but nothing out of the world, when compared to the former.

Bottom Line : Located very strategically in the mid of a very busy IT street, is surely gonna savor many taste buds and attract more crowd with their steal-deal anti-buffet. Though there are dishes which still needs to reach to its actual flavors, it still would do wonders with their killer signature dishes.  Keeping in mind its just a week that it started it’s operations and the houseful crowd that it had, you definitely know how its gonna be very soon 🙂

Mamagoto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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