Dhaba by Claridges

Dhaba! yes you really get the feel of Dhaba with a modern twist when you enter this place. That mast Theka, that typical lighting and the utensils in which dishes were served, all of these give you the feel of you going to a typical DHABA. This chain is recently acquired by Azure Hospitality, who also owns Mamagoto, the famous Pan-Asian restaurant. This is their fourth branch and have already started roaring in no time.  They have a capacity of holding 80-90 pax and have comfortable seating which includes 20 pax PDR as well.

Price Factor :  While the Veg dishes are priced between 250-300, Non-Veg  dishes range between 350-450, with the exception of their awesome dish Tandoori Raan and Tandoori Prawn which are priced at 995/-. A meal for 2 should be anywhere between 1200-1400 AI.

This food session was a bloggers table, invited by the restaurant and was on the house. Below review is true to taste and honest in the interest of fellow foodies and restaurant.


Mocktails Aam Panna & Kala Khatta both served in desi style and also tasted desi and delicious, standing true to their name.


Palak Paneer Ki Sheek finely made with minced cottage cheese and spinach & blended with home made spices along with grilled paneer. Cashews are added to the mix to throw that deliciousness in to the roll. Try with the sauce given and it would taste more good!

Galouti Kebab made with finely minced or rather a finely grinded paste of lamb along with spices and ghee. Delicious!

Tandoori Bhune Aloo , baby potatoes boiled & cooked in Tandoor and shallow fried and tossed with spices when served with that ginger/tamarind chutney gives you that tangy flavor which you fall in love with .

Tandoori Dhaba Raan , leg of lamb marinated overnight with spices is stewed and then cooked in tandoor. Giving it a finishing touch with their tasty gravy to the product is just beyond awesome. Calling it King of all the dishes wont be an exaggeration. It just melts in your mouth, rarely have I seen such soft meat! Add more deliciousness by having it with the chutney that is served along.

Highway Chicken Tikka flavored with coriander and chilli flakes, it was succulent.

Chatpat Aloo , baby potatoes marinated, cooked on sigri and topped with yogurt & saunth (a sweet chutney) has a tangy flavor and was good.

Dal Makhani needs no introduction and is one of the best dishes in the veg affair!

Dhabe di Aloo Gobi another beauty which is a semi dry serving is mildly spiced and prepared in onion & yogurt gravy.

Lasooni Palak Paneer also a popular dish among dhabas is prepared in spinach pureesauted with lots of garlic and finished with hint of butter and cream, truly reminded my of my travel days 🙂


Balti Meat one of their signature dish and another ‘WOW’ dish which melted me. Meat is slowly cooked for about 6-7 hours with blend of spices to make it sooo soft. A Killer!

Chitta Butter Chicken , name inspired from the popular song “Chitiya Kalaiya” 😉 marinated with spices and yogurt and tandoored before served in yogurt and coconut gravy. Though it tasted good, haven’t found much of deliciousness in this.

Khanastari Baingan Barta – Baingan cooked in tandoor, mashed and finished with cumin, tomato, ginger and green chillies surely has a twist of taste to our regular barta, a must try for veg lovers!


Among the breads, that stole the show was Dhabe di Roti which is a traditional Dhaba style roti and not many restaurants or even dhabas serve it. Must try (y).


Phirni prepared with rice flour and cooked with saffron & milk is a steal among this arena.

Badam Halwa with loads of ghee in it and of course the main ingredient badam was also another best and scrumptious dish among.

Rasmalai in general, my personal favorite also was tasty but it could have helped with little more sweetness in it.

Gulab Jamun prepared with fresh Kova tasted really good.

Last but not the least is Kulfi which made us end the lunch on a dhaba note 🙂

Verdict : A definite hit for north Indian dishes, you would surely enjoy visiting this place and munching on their scrumptious food. For the first time goers, you have a twist in the place- watch out 🙂

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