Ohri’s Serengiti

Everyone who have been to Ohri’s must be knowing that this chain of restaurants across the twin cities has a them for each of them and so is Serengiti. Serengiti, located in the building of Ohri’s Banjara, is built on the theme of Forest. Each and every detail is extremely taken care of in ambience, to suit the Jungle beat. Kids would love this place and so will we. Did their food fare similar, lets check out!

Price Factor :
Soups are conveniently priced within 150. Appetizers range from 200-300 in Veg and 300-400 in Non-Veg, barring exception of Raan and couple of other dishes. Mains are also priced within the same price bracket. Avergae cost for 2 would anywhere be 900-1200 AI.

Chatka Orange Mocktail made with orange juice and pulp added with mint and their inhouse special bar masala (chat masala) was a refreshing drink. Had bar masala was not dominating much in the drink it could have been more better.

Hot & Sour Soup: A mix of red chilli sauce, soya, vinegar, pepper and salt to the liking, was thick enough and mildly spiced. Was tasty and could have been more tastier if served little more spicier (requested for it, but they missed it).

Raan E Sikandari, lamb leg marinated in ground spices for a longer period for tenderness and grilled before served. Served in Sizzler style, tasted good, if not better. It could have used a little more salt and spice as it was subtle on it.

Lahori Chicken Tikka a grilled dish where tender pieces of chicken are marinated overnight in Lahori spices tasted delicious.

Dum Ki Macchi Patrewali , whole baby sole marinated in coconut and byadgi chilli chutney ( a famous chilli in Karnataka region) sprinkled with vinegar and served in wrapped banana leaf. It was a chef recommended dish, though it tasted good did not feel anything special in the dish.

Awad Ke Galouti Kebab is a dish which has finely minced lamb with variety of spices added to it and as they say, it surely does melt in your mouth. One of the better dishes I had for the night.

Fish Tikka dipped and marinated in yougurt and spices and tandoor grilled before served, this was served as few of us did not like Dum Ki Macchi much and was a replacement.

Mains – Couldn’t order many dishes as we were very much full with array of starters we had.
Rara Murgh cooked in rich lamb mince and roghani gravy , had delicious gravy but chicken pieces could have been little more tender than it was.

Amritsari Kulcha was one of the best I had. It was soft yet crispy, delicious and more scrumptious when had with curry.

Complimentary : Paan & Paan shots both tasted okish. I had better paan shots else where, this could habeen more better.

Service : Waiters dressed in Forest ranger/guards style are always smiling and ready to assist even before we ask 🙂 . They could, however, pay heed to the requests of the customer and not forget them (one of our requests were missed) .

Bottom Line : Though the food experience was more towards average, the ambience and service is surely to try atleast once. I’m sure that they can serve much better food and this could be a day off. Note that the experience is good, but we have expected much better.

 Ohri's Serengeti Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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