New York Tavern

Located right in the IT HUB, above Karachi Bakery, Madhapur. This place carries the ambiance same as it’s name. Apparently the one who owns this place has lived for 21 years in NY and intended to carry his memories here too. They have a mini Statue of Liberty in their restro which is a selfie spot 😉 .They could easily accommodate 80 pax which includes single 20pax PDR. Their seatings are comfortable and lighting is adequate for a meal. My personal feel was that their chair/seat could have been better in design which looked odd in whole ambiance for me.

They, however , are very much Indian when it comes to food. They serve majorly Indian and a small addition of continental and chinese, no American dishes though 🙂 .

Price Factor: Lunch buffet priced at 399++  , surely does attract much crowd to this place even on a lazy Tuesday. They also have a bar attached which looked economical in prices. Most of the dishes are priced within 300 when you lookout for ala-carte and average for 2 would not be more than 800++.

This food session was by invitation of the restaurant and was on the house. Below review is true to taste and honest in the interest of fellow foodies and restaurant.

Mocktails :

This place sure looks like a heaven for people who love mocktails. They have many variants of mocktails and we got to taste most of them. Watermelon Mojito,Pineapple Mojito, Cucumber Mojito, Pink Lady, Ginger Spicy Mojito are the ones we had in the lot. My personal favorite were Ginger Spicy Mojito which looked beautiful in presentation with salt added to every sip, tasted lovely. Other awesome drink was Cucumber Mojito made of muddled cucumber, mint and lime was impressive.

Starters :

American Cheese Potato , a dish made of thin sliced boiled potatoes and cooked/baked along American Cheese stole the show in veggie section. They were delicious (y).

Veg Cheese Balls was another dish which was cheesy inside and perfectly crisped outside. Another appetizing dish.

Butter Garlic Paneer Tikka is made of paneer mixed with hung curd and different indian spices and grilled and a lot of fried garlic chops. Was tasty.

Crispy Corn & Crispy Baby Corn were another starters among which were good.

Mustard Fish made out of a fine paste of mustard seeds, chillis and pepper on fish fillets, was not so tasty on the first serving. It was scrumptious in the repeated serve though. Haven’t found consistency on this part.

Chicken Roast & Murgh Tikka Angaara were nothing more than good and was subtle in spices. Could use it generously.

Main Course:

They had quite a huge list of items as part of buffet in main course. However, due to much of delicious mocktails and starters, I could have only few of them.

Pizza Margherita: Contrary to many pizzas I had, this one had super soft roti (fatter version) like. Tomato sauce and cheese which are main ingredients for this type, could have been a little more generous.

Pasta in pink sauce did not impress my taste buds and sauce could have been cooked more properly given, I felt rawness in it.

Chicken Biryani and Kheema Biryani : Both of them were very much okish in taste and they were more like pulav. #MyOpinion

Dum Ka Murgh was very rich and flavorful in taste. Chicken pieces were succulent and gravy was aromatic.

Chicken Chettinadu and Nellore Chapala Pulusu tasted good. It, however did not have any ‘WOW’ factor in it.

Paneer Butter Masala was more on a sweeter note while paneer was fresh and juicy. I would have loved it less sweeter.

Garlic Naan and Masala Kulcha served along were fresh and fluffy. They were tender and went very well with curries served.

Desserts :

Double Ka Meeta which is made of crispy bread crumbles and sweetened condensed milk was delicious.

Gulab Jamun and Pinepple Jilebi were another sweet savors which were no less in taste compared to its former dish. Loved them.

Bottomline: Though they have some amazing mocktails , delicious starters and scrumptious desserts, there is a room of improvement in Main Course and to get the consistency in starters. It still however, is a steal deal at 399++ for a buffet. Definitely recommended for a visit.

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