Saffron Mantra

So when I got late to reach the city in time, I had to change my dinner plans and shift it to nearest entry point of the city. That’s when a foodie friend suggested me Saffron Mantra at Kharkhana. Initially my wife doubted whether this place would help our anniversary celebrations any better ( as we do not generally come to this part of the city). This opinion however changed to the best anniversary dinner we had till date 🙂 . It has a calm and refreshing ambience even though it may not be carrying any ‘WOW’ factor here. They have comfortable seating and adequate lighting.

Price Factor : They are very decently priced. All the starters (includes non-veg) are within 300 and so were main course. They have some awesome desserts which are within 200. Overall a satisfactory meal for 2 would be anywhere between 1000-1400/- for 2 AI.

Tom Kha Soup : A Popular chinese offering in Soups which is made in coconut milk, lemon grass, herbs and veggies was truly sumptuous. Totally loved it.

Non-Veg Platter: Talwar Kebab,Chicken Tikka, Mutton galouti and Haryali Fish Tikka
Talwar Kebab : small chunks of Chicken marinated with tandoor masala and cashew paste and then grilled was delicious and the chicken, as they claim was succulent.

Murgh Tikka : Marinated with spices and hung curd and grilled in tandoor before served is another gem.

Mutton Galouti: This dish needs no introduction for the lovers of meat. Finely minced mutton with spices, circle shaped just melts in your mouth as you put on. Prepared to perfection.

Hariyali Fish Tikka : Marinated in coriander , mint and spinach puree with tandoor spices was super fresh and melting in the mouth. Tasted best when had with mint chutney.

Bengali Sarson Fish: Oh boy, this reminded me of my childhood days where I used to have lot of sarson ka achar with rice. Fish was generously spread with mustard paste and cooked well to absorb the flavor. Really loved it and a must try dish one who loves mustard flavor.

Veg Platter : Poha Hara Kebab, Motiya Sheekh Kebab, Veg Galouti, Paneer Kairi Tikka

What’s the thing I found special in Veg here ? Innovation! Most of the places just serve regular Paneer,mushrrom, spring roll and nothing much. This place, however, also added few more dishes to their regular kitty.

Poha Hara Kebab : A crispy vegetable Kebab made with paneer and spinach and covered with rice flakes (beaten rice, that’s where the name comes) was super delicious among veggies.

Motiya Sheekh Kebab: a regular sheek kebab coated with sabudana over top gives you a crunchy feel and juicy inside. Have it when it’s hot. Tends to get rubbery as it gets cold due to sabudana.

Veg Galouti and Paneer Kairi Tikka were no less to above starters and Paneer comes with atwist of having sliced mango chunk in between paneer gives you a lovely feel (y) .

Main Course:

Paneer Singada Khurchan is one of the intereseting Indian gravies in paneer that I have come across. These guys never seized to impress me with their innovations! Rarely restaurants uses water chestnuts (singada) and this happens to be one of it. That crunchy feel of chewing singada along with super soft paneer in tangy and mildly spiced gravy make you go wooohoooo!!! The best dish of the day 🙂 .

Their Garlic Naans were super soft with generously added garlics over the top and tasty.

Tried their Veg Sizzler which had burnt fried rice with french fries and veg cutlet which was topped with tomato sauce. For someone who love spicy, this dish may not be so suitable. It was more on sweeter side. I felt it could have had little less sweeter! But as we did not like it so better, they generously offered us a replacement! How many places does that ?

We went with Veg Shangai Rice which is a combination of Noodles and fried Rice tossed in a tangy shangai sauce tasted real good. Loved the end.
Just when we thought everything is completed and ordered for a cheque, a surprise came in! It was our anniversary and the manager knows it!! They got us a beautiful brownies and caramel baked cheese cake (courtesy : Oh So Stoned, also owned by them) . This truly made our day and they were super delicious!! (On the house)

Service : Led by their ever enthusiast manager Niranjan, their service is real quick and swift. Promptly attends and always reachable. Loved their service.
Bottom Line : As quoted couple of times, They never seize to impress you in every single dish! That’s how wonderful they are 🙂 A must visit place for people who love food.

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