La Mexicana

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Its very rare that you come across a purely Mexican restaurant in Hyd, that too at an affordable pricing. La Mexicana is one of those places which serves that. Elegantly designed ambience which resembles more of a cafe style and the Frames/designs/writings on the wall nicely depicting Mexican style is something that I have loved. Its been an year that this place has opened and it still gives you a new feel.
Price Factor : Appetizers conveniently priced within 150/-, their main course ranging from 200 with a max of 350. Desserts too are priced moderately within 150/-. A hearty meal for 2 could go up to 1000/- for 2.
This food session was by the invitation of the restaurant and was on the house. Below review is true to taste and honest in the interest of fellow foodies and restaurant.
Food: Served in trays and not in plates
Nachos Rancheros: Corn Nachos baked along with cheese, corn,black beans and their secret seasoning is something that you definitely have to order. They were delicious!
Tortilla Soup: A traditional Mexican soup which has fried corn tortilla pieces , corn, black beans,jalapenos and avacado in tomato broth. Though it does look like a tomato soup, that mexican touch of flavors is amazing! I loved the chicken variant.
Coconut MilkShake , #LaMexicana’s recommended milkshake was truly inviting and perfectly striked the chord with taste buds. A little less sugar/sweetener in it could also help not so sweet lovers.
Chicken Quesadilla basically a flour tortilla filled with cheese, veggies and chicken and grilled. Loved the substitute of Pizza and this is one star dish for me of the lunch.
Sizzling Fajita is still debated as to whether its a mexican or a tex mex dish. Not going further into that, their fajita serving was quite unique by providing seperate tortillas and toppings to make our unique dish. Toppings given were cheese, black beans, tomatoes,lettuce,mexican rice and sour cream. Whats Sizzling here then, you ask ? Assorted veggies on sizzler were provided too to add on along other toppings. It was quite tasty, when added along their grilled chicken.
Naked Chicken Tenders Marinated chicken breast with seasoning and grilled for serve, wasn’t so juicy or tender. It lacked proper marination. Something that has to be taken care.
Sopapilla -wheat flour dough rolled in sheet and then cut in square shape and fried  which makes it to puff up hollow and fried until lite golden color. It is then topped with sugar syrup and a hint of honey.They were delicious and VFM.
To mark their celebrations, they are running a food festival starting 23rd Jan and runs till end of the month. As part of the festival, they are offering some lovely combos at a very attractive prices which is a steal deal.
Service : 
Staff has sound knowledge on what they sell and are ready to help, if you are confused on what to order. Serving speed is pretty quick.
Most of the dishes are truly wonderful and is a one stop shop for Mexican food lovers. Do pay a visit to them and enjoy the delicacies.

La Mexicana Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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