The Lal Street

After the formation of Telangana, I’m not sure how much growth has been recorded in expansion of IT sector, but there is definitely an evolution of many restaurants in recent times in Hyd. When I say evolution, they truly are – even in terms of new concepts/ideas to attract more crowd. One such is The Lal Street #TheLalStreet which brought along the concept of #BarExchange in Hyderabad for the first time. We all are aware of #DalalStreet where the prices of different shares goes up and down depending on the demand. A similar concept is infused into Bar wherein the prices fluctuate as per the sales of a drink (there’s a cap for increase or decrease so as to ensure it wont shoot in prices 🙂 ). To make this more interactive and fun, they do have mobile app (both in playstore and itunes) to monitor the prices and place an order as you wish 🙂 . Lovely, aint it ?

Ambience: So much has been said about concept, but what about the ambiance? Right from the entrance till their washrooms( Do I really need to mention this ? 😉 ), everything has uniqueness/brilliance in design poured into it. I really loved their Logo which resembles both English and Hindi. Every minute detail has been paid attention carefully to design it to perfection. You have an LED running to show the price variance , just like one in #DalalStreet and LED’s everywhere also to show the same. Seating is clever yet comfortable inside and casual yet stylish outside (balcony). They also have a king-sized dance floor inside with radiant surroundings! Their choice of music/EDM definitely makes you show your moves on the floor 😉 . Outdoor seating allows you to smoke Seesha as well! So there’s something for everyone 🙂


Price Factor: After the ambience blown me off my feet, I was expecting similar thing with menu pricing as well. To my surprise, prices are super economical for a place like this. 90% of the dishes (food) are priced under 300 starting from as low as 175/-. Drinks are also moderately priced. Expecting that you have max of 2 drinks each and food , average cost for 2 would not be more than 2000/-.


This food session was by invitation of the restaurant and was on the house. Below review is true to taste and honest in the interest of fellow foodies and restaurant.


Misal Pav: Popular Maharashtrian dish needs no introduction. Pan fried pav served with misal topped with boondi,chiwda was definitely one of the tasty dishes. It had a regional twist to suit local buds, but that din’t compromise the whole equation though!

French Fries mixed with Paneer Butter Masala – Sounds awesome ? Tastes more than that 🙂 . Your regular french fries with a blend of panner butter masala and topped with cheeeeese! One of the loveliest dishes and a great fusion.

Desi Pizza : Another fusion which carried makhani sauce along with cottage cheese and green chillies. Served in 10” and 13”, both are priced economically. Taste ? Super delicious!

Sabudana Vada : A regular homemade dish made its way to this uber cool place. They have retained its authenticity in taste and was good. However, few portions/parts of it were not cooked totally.

Kerela Mutton: Authentic dish from Kerela, mutton fry roasted real slow (boneless) with spicy flavors was scrumptious. Though it got cold by the time we were served, I still felt the flavors of it and enjoyed the dish.

Masala Popcorn Prawns: Prawns marinated, batter coated and deep fried was a real alternate to our regular popcorn. Tasted real good.

Pan Fried Noodles , Wok tossed noodles with veggies fried with schezwan chilli oil and asian pickles  was made to near perfection. Was tasty if not delicious.

Methi Chaman – Never have I thought that a sweeter veg dish would steal my heart. Made with fenugreek and cottage cheese, this dish was the one which stole the show for me.

Mangalorean Chicken, made in regional style with coconut and spices paste and tender chicken was equally awesome!




For the most of the evening I was enjoying all the dishes with this amazing Sangria made of red wine( Sula was used) , brandy , chopped green apple and triple sec. Totally loved it!

Other amazing mocktails that I have tried were Virjin Mojito and Milk Based Strawberry fused mocktail which tasted delectable. Bar tender would prepare any fusion that you ask for and the latter one is the same product!

Service :

The only shortfall that I have noticed all along is service. They have ample staff to do the honors, but they lack proper training in such environment. Its been only a couple of weeks that this place has been opened and owners promised to take care of this on a serious note. I would wait and watch how it goes. Service is one thing which can build a place in leaps and bounds or throw it down drastically. But I’m sure that this place gonna pick up quite quick on this front.


One of its kind #BarExchange clubbed with amazing ambiance and delectable food and drinks is surely gonna rock hyd for a while. There’s no waiting for this, go hit the spot 😉

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