SpiceKlub -Another Molecular hit

Ever growing restaurant business definitely needs something unique to attract the customers , especially in a situation when there are plethora of options available. Turning everyone’s eye – came Quattro in late 2016 with its unique and interesting concept of Molecular Gastronomy. Walking in the same footsteps , the same management has opened the gates to a Modern Indian Cuisine which adopted the same concept. It’s called SpiceKlub. What actually is this concept, if someone asks? It blends physics and chemistry to transform tastes and texture of food where the possibilities are endless (info acquired from various sources) and result innovative preparation/presentation of your regular dishes or new dishes. Much has been said about the cuisine, let’s get back to the place now. Ambience of the place is modern and splendid with woody texture everywhere, designer lamps hung and cleverly planned seating for the comfort. They can easily accommodate about 75 pax at a stretch without any hassles.


Cuisine: Very much vegeterian, Vegan, Jain and gluten free options available


Price Factor: They say “With Price comes Quality”. Molecular Gastronomy in itself as we know is a play/experiment with science which needs various ingredients that are rarely available and outsourced, which includes cutlery as well. This pretty much tells you why the prices are high! Minimum price of an appetizer starts from 275 and goes up to 425. Mains are pretty much in the same range with few exceptions which are under 250. No dessert is less than 400. However, serving size of dishes are quite good. For a premium experience, you definitely have to shell out 😀 .


This food session was by invitation of the restaurant and was on the house. Below review is true to taste and honest in the interest of fellow foodies and restaurant.

Now starts the game of Food:

Eat your mocktails – Yes, you read it right. Few of their signature mocktails, thanks to molecular gastronomy- you can eat your mocktails now 😀

Kokum Margherita with Chilli Caviar – Kokum, one of the rare fruits available out there (at-least I don’t find it easily) is used in this margherita as a crush and blended with spices (which gives you khatta meeta flavors) and topped with chilli Caviar.

Whats caviar now ?  – My knowledge on this tells that this one of those delicacies from molecular play which can carry any flavor that we infuse and use it as a topping over the dishes.

Mango on the rocks – I’m no fan of mango in general, but this one stole my heart. Frozen mango pulp in the form of a popcorn, when poured with warm mango puree (alphonso is used), the mocktail takes you to the experience of having one of the best mangos you ever had. This dish can definitely be a multirole- in mocktails and desserts. A gastronomical wonder!

Peru Mousse: Another fruit mocktail- made of oxidised mousse of Guava served like a foam is a delicious outing for the taste buds.

Kalakhatta Mojito – This is a regular yet popular mocktail which is described very well by the name itself. Whoever loves kalakhatta flavor, this is for you.


What’s in a name , they say? A look at the menu and you see the likes of Pani poori , vada pav, pav bhaji are priced more than 250, you wonder what are you even doing there ? But When it gets to you ? I wonder why I din’t come any soon here 🙂

Vada Pav : Small vadas provided with chilli and sweet sauce and a molecular twist is edible plastic look like which is stuffed with masala. Add these three and get ready to have a burst of flavors in your mouth. Never knew this could be prepared this stylish too.

Pav Bhaji –  Again impresses with its presentation where in bhaji topped with cheese layer is given in a fondue pot with small chunks of pav. Dip it in cheese bhaji and have it and you will know why you have to pay for it so much!!

Pani Poori : Served in mumbai style which has pudina jeera pani in lab tubes and meeta given in a syringe is surely a eye pleaser and tastier too.

Aloo Bharwan are potato cylinders which is marinated in yogurt and stuffed generously with cheese and pepper along with lovely spices is another delectable dish that you will love.

Papads of India – A papad platter, which has best of the papads from all over India. It is eerved with onion masala which when added with papads were awesome.

Roomali Cheese Papad – It’s basically a roomali roti made crispy and shredded with lots of cheese and hint of chilli. Was a nice side snack.

Galouti Kebab – Popular dish among non-veggies , is surely on par with it and tasted equally good with its lovely aroma and spices.


Tandoori Bhindi Shashlik – Stuffed bhindi which is tandoored along with spices and served on skewers is something you can have it directly without any roti or rice. It is that refreshing in taste and flavors.

Paneer Tikka Masala is one regular dish available which also had nothing much special in it and paneer could have been much soft.

Dal Kabila is a combination of various dals which carried rich aromatic smell , savored it to the fullest.

Corn Capsicum Mushroom Masala replicates its name in ingredients and also a pleasing one for palate.

Served with Assorted breads/Rotis which had some unique breads like Gluten Free Roti, chilli cheese garlic naan,sun dried tomato and black olive naan, ulte tawa ke parata. Each and every one of them were more delicious that I have expected.  In love with chilli cheese garlic naan totally ❤.


Veg Biryani Its neither a hyderabadi nor a nizami biryani. A fusion made with less or no masala and flavors are very well carried in every bite. However, there’s no salan served with it- which is something that they have to put on.


Just when we thought that main course din’t carry much of its experiments as it did in Appetizers and drinks, this totally raised the bar with its innovation/uniqueness here.

Volcano: Choco mousse served with peru jelly- sounds boring. Wait for the interesting part. Pour in the kesar milk over choco mousse and you would see the volcano 😛 . Tasted perfect.

Old school Lollies: A box which has dry ice/liquid nitrogern inside it is brought on to your table along with some sticks and sauces (bournvita and rabdi). Pour them on the box, place a stick in middle of the liquid, wait for 5-10 seconds , rotate it and and wait for same time. Your lollipop is ready :D. Flavors are regular, but not the experience 🙂 . They were lovely and will surely take you back to your ‘lolli’ days.

Bubbling Kulfi: Frozen kulfi kubes ( by molecular style) served with assortment of toppings. Dont eat the kulfi kubes directly, if so, it will stick in your mouth. Top it with different syrups and enjoy your dessert.

Paan Mousse: I have saved the best one for the last. Paste /mousse of paan and ghulkand stuffed in beetle leaf and then sprayed with liquid nitrogen (-195 degrees) to freeze the dessert instantly. Wait for a minute before you could enjoy the dish else, you will be frozen 😉 . Flavors of the paan were flawless and delicious. Must have dish (y) along with Mango on the rocks .

Service – As many of the dishes are totally new, servers here are well trained to explain their customers as to how you can best enjoy the dish and how is it prepared (if asked). Not many places have such lovely staff.

Verdict: Given the high bar set by Mocktails,appetizers and desserts, there’s a need to bring something more uniqueness into main course as well- not that they dont have one, but could use few more up their sleeve. More than dining, its definitely an experience that one can’t miss withoout any compromise either in quality or taste.

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