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Republic Of Noodles (RON) is one of those places which is quite popular among foodies yet it doesn’t flaunt as much as others do.An old hand in the business, RON as it is lovingly called, has gained a good number of loyal customers for its remarkable food and colourful ambience. Located in LemonTree Premier Hitech City, this place amazes you with its conventional yet beautiful ambiance. Offering a perfect balance of Yin and Yan, Nothing less, nothing more. It displays just the right mix of true southeast Asian culture in its environs. . Most of the place is decorated with Asian artifacts and ware, depicting the regions true way of living.

Seating is comfortable and has an option of indoor and outdoor; with a total capacity of about 110. All of their crockery is of 2 colors- black and red, a beautiful combination- energising and appeasing to look at.

Executive Chef Sambhav has ensured that not only food, but also the experience along with is stupendous!

Cuisine : Pan Asian. Covers popular favourites from Thailand, Malaysian, Cambodian, Indonesian, Myanmar & Vietnam.

Price Factor : Veg starts from 200-450, chicken/meat from 400 -600 and sea food from 550-700. Most of the dishes are very reasonably priced, and offer good value for the money. At the outset, the menu offerings in the restaurant may appear  a bit pricey, considering the fact that it is housed in  a 4 Star Hotel; a closer look however shows the prices are quite competitive when compared to standalone pan-Asian restaurants. A Meal for 2 could be around Rs. 1500-2000, on a normal day.

This food session was by invitation of the restaurant and was on the house. Below review is true to taste and honest in the interest of fellow foodies and restaurant.


Tom Yum Veg Soup: A popular Thai soup, usually gets served with Shrimp. However,  we indeed found out perfect replacements for all the palates. More like a clear like soup , made of Lemon Grass, Kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice and bird chili. It indeed gives you a perfect blend of Spice and Sour.

Tom Kha Veg Soup : Another popular Thai soup with the main ingredient of Coconut milk also has galangal, lemon grass, mushroom and oriental spices saucing it up.

Banana Leaf Wrapped Fish : I decided to try the Basa fish, on Chef Sambhav’s recommendation. One among the favorite fish varieties in the Asian cuisine, this popular fish is spread with Soto and Chili Paste, wrapped in a Banana Leaf, grilled and then served. I missed a bit of salt upon my first bite, but soon discovered the spicy dips that sat on my table, to compliment it. I decided to use the spicy one, and instantly my taste buds reached  another level (). These homemade sauces are a specialty of the restaurant and a definite must try.

Thai Style Grilled Chicken : Super soft chicken spread and tossed with coriander, lemon grass and red curry (in house) paste. It was more sweeter than necessary and a little less of it could have been better.

Water Chestnut and Bamboo Shoots , a heart-throb for vegetarians, its delectably made crispily- adding chillies and traditional lemon grass to it only elevated the taste much more.

MHAD Noodles Veg : A specialty of RON, this is definitely one dish that I could go back again and again to enjoy the richness of flavors in it. A blend of crispy and boiled noodles tossed in chilli coriander sauce is the finest.

Indonesian Spiced Fried Rice : A regular fried rice with a twist of ground cumin and coriander powder went on very well with their Asian curries.

Jasmine Rice is another among the lot that was served to have with curries. A usual white rice with jasmine flavored across.

Rendang Curry Lamb : Couldn’t have had enough of it!! What a lovely dish. Never ever liked even a spicily spiced curry so much. That juicy and succulent lamb with tamarind pulp and dark soya gravy was a treasure that cant be treasured.

Srilankan Curry Chicken , a coconut milk based curry with tender chicken pieces is another signature dish of theirs and stands true to its grade.

Thai Veg Green Curry popular green curry and an eternal favourite in the Thai menu, was as good as the  Srilankan Curry, a great option for the vegetarians.


Fried Ice Cream: Commonly associated with Asian cuisine, is another style of having your regular ice cream fried with bread crumbs, corn flakes and frying it. Crispy outside, scrumptious inside.

Cheese Cake : No one needs an introduction to this amazing dish. Topped with strawberry compote, this dish is as best as it could be.

Water Chestnut Rubies: I have saved best one for the last 😀 . Water chestnuts crumbs  soaked overnight in rooh afza which turns into red and then it is added into coconut milk along with longan (or a lychee as few calls it). Do I have to say anything more? You just can’t stop with one.


Service: Executive Chef Sambhav and Sous Chef Vikram has done a marvelous job in curating the best menu and taste and ensured that our experience goes well all along. Their serving staff and assisting staff has done an astounding job by taking care of the guests right from entering till our completion of the meal. You don’t have to call for any assistance, they are always around to take care of you. Service is the main part of any  business and that is one main thing which would play pivotal role in your whole business. Kudos to the team 🙂

Verdict : This is definitely my current top fav pan asian cuisine and has dethroned my previous one. A paradise for Asian food lovers.

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