Holy Basil – Radisson Blu Plaza

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#PanAsian is the latest and trending cuisine that has occupied quite a good market share. HolyBasil is one of the oldest in this space serving authentic Pan Asian. Closed for a while for renovation, it is now opened to give you a Red and Black experience 😉 . Interiors of the place, cutlery and designs – all of them do carry this color code which makes you very much involved in the cuisine. This place can house up to 40-50 pax with few circular tables which has rotating glass on it for easy access of dishes. An elegant designed place ready to give you a “True Oriental Experience”. Oh, Did I forget to mention that there’s a live kitchen too for you to customise your own dishes (limited availability) which is within the dining area.

Cuisine/Type : Pan Asian (Chinese/Japanese/Thai)/Fine-Dine

Pricing : Most of the dishes are priced within 300-500 with few exceptions above that. Considering the fact that it is housed in a 5 star property, it is moderately priced and totally worthy. Meal for 2 could be around 1000-1500 AI.

This food session was by invitation of the restaurant and was on the house. Below review is true to taste and honest in the interest of fellow foodies and restaurant.


Amuse Bouche/Complimentary for Dine In :

For all the dine in customers, there are few complimentary sides that you could munch on. Garlic Crackers were crispy and delicious and you just can’t stop at one 🙂 .Cucumber with cream cheese,kimchi salad were other sides that were given. Cucumber with cream cheese helps you to cut down any strong flavors that you have during your course and tastes good too.

Jasmine Tea is something that Chinese/Other East Asian Countries use it as a welcome drink. It is also used to consume along with meal so that it calms/soothes down the body with the heavy meal that we have. I really loved this one and had multiple rounds of it.

From Steamer :

Mixed Veg Steamed Bao – A baozi, stuffed with mixed veggies was first timer for me and loved it. Needless to say, most of the PanAsian food is best enjoyed with their sauces and this is no exception. Choose one of the four sauces available and enjoy the scrumptious pau.

Prawns Siu Mai, one of the types of dim sum , having it for the first time , enjoyed the filling along with prawns on it.

Spinach and Bamboo shoot dimsum was another veggie steamer which was decent in taste.

Sushi :

There are different types of Sushis and one of them being uramaki, which means “Inside-Out” i.e., rice on outside and stuffing inside. The name has its roots from a restaurant called Tokyo Kaikan and the the story behind this is for another day. We were served with Veg California UraMaki ,Dragon UraMaki and Spicy Avocado UraMaki of which I loved Dragon and california uramaki. Most of the times, these are bland in taste and tastes best with the sauces that are provided.


Just when I thought there can no more awesome appetizers than above, we were served with Malaysian Lamb Satay,Crispy Lamb Honey Chilli,Lotus stem and water chestnut honey chilli and Tofu Hoisin. Each of them had unique and distinct flavors and stading out from Non Veg was Malaysian Lamb Satay which had succulent lamb chunk and was a delight to taste buds.

Among Veg, I loved Lotus stem and waterchestnut which had generous honey chilli topped and gave a perfect feel of sweet and spice.

Som Tam Salad is made with shredded papaya , toasted peanuts and other spices along. Taste was decent, however, I had better before.

Soup : Khao Suey veg is  a pretty popular soup among Burmese and east Asia and is liked by many. However, looks like I havent developed a taste for it yet. Haven’t liked it as others did.

Yasai Miso a traditional Japanese soup which predominantly has tofu in it, is something I have liked in soups.


Jasmine Rice is quite common among mains and is a perfect alternate to your regular rice which gives you a subtle yet distinct flavor and perfectly complements with the curries you have. Served with Thai curries (veg and non veg) and Braised Lamb tossed with five spice sauce.

Though Thai curry tasted decent,  Braised lamb is the one which stole my heart, it tasted delicious when had with Jasmine Rice. Pad Thai Noodles , esentially a dried rice noodles tasted good with its unique sweet, sour and spicy flavors.


Tub tim krob – Sweetened Coconut milk with rose flavored waterchestnut dessert was scrumptious. However, I have had a better dessert elsewhere. Chestnut rubies could use a little more marination which could make it softer and it can be enjoyable with dessert.

Green Tea Mousse – One of its kind (for me), mousse is made of green tea extracts and is a perfect alternate for a healthy and otherwise not-so-tasty food. It very much tastes like green tea but much better after taste which makes it special.

Service : It was houseful on the day we visited and they still managed to serve us with a decent waiting time. Staff was courteius and helping. Their Manager Ravi was along with us throughout our dining and ensured that we enjoyed the food while helping us in understanding the cuisine better. What better it could get? Vishal(#JetSetEat) also had a helping hand in explaining the dishes and cuisine with his extensive experience of foodie journey.

Verdict : A fine dine in a 5 star property with reasonable prices, amazing ambience and most importantly delicious food is rare to find. This is one among those and definitely not to be missed.

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