Mocha Cafe & Bar – The New Rockstar

Mocha Cafe & Bar , part of popular food chain Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt Ltd opened its gates to public last week. Mocha is no new to Hyderabad people and folks who have been to Banjara one sure knows how good its gonna be – be it in ambiance,food or service. This new place, owned by Vikas Kaleru and Pranay Kaleru – went a step ahead in ambiance and a mile ahead by serving awesome food and drinks. First impression of the place at entrance is just ‘WOW’, their logo at night does look amazing. Soon after you enter the place, you would be bowled out with the charm the place carries. They have plush interiors with wooden architecture in the indoor dine-in area. They also have a beautiful and close-to-nature outdoor dining area which is shine and bright in the afternoons and a luxurious moon lit style in the dinners ❤ . This huge place can accommodate people upto 140 pax comfortably.

While the name says its a Bar, this is nowhere like a bar but more of an upscale restaurant where a family can enjoy a meal over a wine 🙂 . What’s more ? This is one place where not only food and drinks that impresses you, for a change, you would fall in love with their desserts/shakes. They soon are gonna setup a small kiosk for the same too [given the demand they already are seeing]

Cuisine : Indian/Italian/Continental/Desserts

Price Factor : Starters/platters  are within 250/400. Main Course could go up to 400 with most of them being within 300, Shakes/Desserts – within 200. Cocktail/drinks are also priced competitively, given the area it is located in. A delicious meal for 2 including mock-tails (minus drinks) could be between 1200-1600.

This review is based on two visits, one being tasting session and the other was Paid Foodie Meetup. Below review is penned down considering the consistency in taste,service from both my visits.

Food :

Bar or not, this place surely gonna amaze you with their delectable food in every way possible.Non-Alcoholics, let there be no doubt in you to visit this place- in my multiple visits, I have seen families (with kids) coming here and enjoying the food. That said, here goes my culinary journey :

Mocha Chicken Pops: Batter coated chicken with peri peri marination. They were lovely side snack, but nowhere near to the size of a pop ;), lot bigger and quantity is quite good. Dips Tartar sauce and sriracha chunda sauce which enhances the taste as you please.

Jalapeno Hush Puppies : Or you can call it Jalapeno Bajji 😛 . Jalapeno stuffed with cheese and panko coated and fried which very much resembles our Mirchi Bajji and tastes quite better.

Berry blast Mocktail: Mix of berries in to a juice is the drink that you have. One of the better drinks in the lot.

Smokey Whiskey : Inspired whiskey sour prepared with Smoked bourbon which gives you tasty flavor.

They also have Goli Sodas for cocktails which are quite tasty and all are priced at reasonable 225/-. My Pick – Spicy Vodka Lemonade.

Nachos Grande : Nachos topped with jalapenos, cheddar cheese and sour cream was scrumptious. Priced at 225/- this snack surely is a steal deal over a drink or a meal.

Labenese Ke-Bab Platter :  Has pita bread, shish taouk – a traditional shish kebab from middle eastern cuisine, Harissa Chicken, chicken seekh, salad, hummus and tzatziki. One of the best dishes that you could order while you are here. Each of the dishes are awesome in their own way. Dips hummus and tzatziki (made of yogurt mixed with cucumber, garlic and other ingredients) are the best I had till date. Totally in love with their dips.

Mezze Platter : This has Pita, Falafel, fatayer, awesomosas, lavash served with hummus, mutabal and tzatziki is again a steal deal at 295/- and a delicious appetizer for veggies.

Awesamosa : Vegetable stuffed samosa finely tossed with honey chilli isnt as awesome as it claims, though it tasted good.

Stuffed Tangdi : cheese stuffed tangdi was delicious with mint chutney, otherwise lacked enough spices and flavors for it to make a better tangdi.

Khanda Pav Slider : Pav stuffedd with onion rings with siraja dip tasted better with the twist, though I felt it little drier.

Beetroot and Papaya Salad : Presented in a Jar, this salad tasted good with sweet and sour in taste.

Bhel Puri 2.0 : A regular bhel puri with a twist of dry fruits and other condiments in it. Is it worth the money? Find out!

Khow Suey : A popular Burmese soup, is something you need to acquire a taste for to enjoy it which I haven’t yet. However, this version is Indianized and tasted delicious for me.

Penang Rendang Curry with Canai Roti : A popular southeast Asian curry made of coconut milk, kaffir lime, lemon grass tasted super delectable. Served with Canai Roti, a type of Paratha popular in Malaysia. Quantity of curry is definitely very less for 2 parathas.

Mac & Cheese : Made of macaroni with English Cheddar and baked, wasn’t cheesy enough in first serve. Loved it after the feedback serve though.

Nashila Rogan Josh : BE AWARE! Whiskey is used to prepare this dish. Not a traditional one, but liked the twist.

Shakes : Their inhouse shakes , though cannot be compared with regular shake outlets, they are real good  for a restaurant. My pick : Oreo Cookie and Fudge Brownie.

Jaali Whiskey : Smokey whiskey with  added pineapple juice. Best part, its presentation as the name says. This thing comes in a Jaali with smoke coming out of it. Loved it.


Cheesecake Brownie : brownie with a twist of cheesecake in  it. Though the taste was good, haven’t felt anything different.

STAR OF THE PLACE –> Rasmalai Cheesecake : Innovation in cheesecake!! I would rather term it baap of all cheese cakes. We just couldn’t stop at one. This delicious cheesecake is filled with supersoft desi rasmalai with a non-local twist of cheesecake is to die for!! This is one dish that would make me go here again and again.

Service : Tushar Khanna , part of core team has ensured that everything went right with his service and hospitality. Rajiv Dogra, Regional Chef acoompanied us throughout the journey to ensure that food is up to the mark and take feedback as needed. Couldn’t expect more from a place which just started just a week ago. None of the staff seemed ill trained, given the fact that it just opened, you wouldn’t feel it with their service. Kudos to the team.

Verdict:  Pioneer of the food industry has just proved why it is !! You just can’t deny the beauty in their service, awesomeness in the food and ‘WOW’ like ambience. There might have been couple of dishes which were decent, if not better- but its just a start and have proved with many better to best dishes. A delay to visit this place isn’t appreciated 😉 .

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