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Kebab Theater, part of ever rocking, luxurious and economical Lemon Tree Premier was revamped recently in their effort to ensure that customer is satisfied in every other way possible. Their re-modelling is not only refreshing, but also quite pleasing in visual appeal. Each and every frame hanged around are popular dialogues from Golden movies of bollywood or are related to movies; a perfect way to sync with the name. What more? Their revamp doesn’t just end there; Most of the menu is perfectly redesigned by their team of Chefs with funny bollywood names and innovative yet delicious dishes tagged along with it. Capacity of the place remains near to similar which can accomodate about 40-50 pax. They also have modern ghazals or say live music to satisfy the music soul in us. And boy, we loved their fusion of songs and just can’t stop listening to them. This amazing treat, however, is only for Tue and Fri as of now. Without wasting much time, lets quickly jump into the main topic.

Pricing : In appetizers, their Veg variants are priced with in 350 and non veg between 300-600. Mains does fall under same pricing bracket with a hundred variance for few dishes. All the desserts are priced 255++. A happy meal for 2 could be around 1500-1800 AI.


Smoky Chaas , a refreshing butter milk to kick start your meal is their welcome drink for customers and definitely sets mood for your meal.

A delicious soup Manthan , made of prawns and rich spinach soup along with aromatic indian spices definitely is one of the best prawn soups I had.

Gabbar sa Kadak – A veg patty like no other! Crispy from outside topped with roasted vermicelli and soft inside was rich in flavors and taste.

Priyanka Loves It – Salmon fish marinated with lemon zest,ground cumin and chili flakes surely tells a tale why ‘Priyanka loves it’. Melts faster than snow on a stove 😉

Dastaan E Tarannum is a mushroom made dish, which had one of the fresh and soft mushrooms and perfectly marinated with spices and topped with cheese and mint to give you that cheesy flavor along. My recommendation among the veg (y).

Karishma Ka Raja Hindustani – Never knew Kebabs come in such patty look! Or do I call it their innovation’s kid? This was crispy yet soft , hint of sweet yet rich in spices and anything superlative to this that you could find. Lovely !!

Albela Johnny – Super soft and mouth melting cottage cheese pattied in between with spinach paste and marinated in yogurt was just as the way it has to be! However, I feel that it could use a little more seasoning to otherwise near to bland taste.

Baman’s First Love -A Lamb Sheekh Kebab , in the first serve did feel like it was not right in spices though the meat was juicy enough to enjoy the dish. On the same suggestion, chef has repeated the order and this time, he killed it with spice hitting you. Enjoyed it.

Bajirao Mastani , another paneer appetizer, marinated in paprika and basil was low on paprika and right on basil.

Malai Bechara Mirchi Ka Maara – A delicious combination of cottage cheese, broccoli, bell peppers, pineapple topped generously with cream cheese is another killer.


Aftaab’s Grand Masti – marinated chicken covered with omelette/fried-egg in mild saffron gravy was something new to me and it surely was Grand Masti 😉

Mutton Hum Dum Mere ‘gosht’ –  a tomato and onion gravy based dish, when compared to the earlier dish was okish. Though meat was succulent enough, gravy could have been more better.

Bas Ek ‘Dal’  really does justice to its name. ‘Bas ek’ order ker do and enjoy this scrumptious Dal Makhni with your favorite rotis or rice.

Baagwan – a spinach gravy based mixed veggie curry did not go very well with taste buds. Spices used along spinach gravy could be better.

Pehli Nazar Ka ‘Paneer’ is another lovely dish among veg mains where in paneer slices layered with green chutney and peanut gravy along did go very well.

Breads : We did try many rotis – my favorites among the lot were almond Naan and Basil Naan. Taftan did not really carry the saffron flavor and was more of a plain flour bread.



Sahi Tukda –  My question always remains- what is the difference between Double ka meeta and Sahi Tukda , other than topping sahi ka tukda with rabdi ? Whether it is answered or not, I love both of them and loved this as well. Had the bread crumb was a little crispy, it could have been more better.

Paan/Chocolate Kulfi – Doesnt get served in sticks, but slices of them are served in plate. Both of them were reflecting and stood true to its name. Loved the way paan kulfi was prepared with all the ingredients that are generally used in pan.

Doodhi Ka Halwa – Not sure what doodhi means in Hindi, but it surely resembles the telugu word in melting that quick. Delicious and fresh in taste.

Other Desserts Malpua with Rabdi,Phirni were equally delicious in taste.

Service: Everyone of their service staff we came across are very well informed about the menu and help you to understand it better, if required. Their service, as I always mention is impeccable and pay the best of their attention to customer.

Verdict: Definitely a must visit food theater to enjoy food that not only pleases your palate but also your senses with their ‘never ceasing’ to impress service and music. Even if you don’t like any of the preparation style or the dish itself they are always there to replace it with your customization and to your taste. What more can someone ask for ? Enjoy the Kebab delicacies with a fine dine experience.

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