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Though my experience with #Awadhi Cuisine is limited, I fell in love with this Nawabi cooking with my first experience itself. This cuisine is most popular in and across #Lucknow and is equally famous in India. This exotic and flavorful cuisine was brought in by the Nawabs of Oudh whose roots are from Persia. They have made this more extravagant by adding few Indian spices along with Saffron.
When such amazing cuisine is hosted by the descendant of Khansamas, celebrity Chef, as I would like to call him Chef Mujeebur Rehman , your’e sure not gonna miss this. This #OudhiFoodFestival is hosted at Feast, Sheraton at the price of 1300++ for Dinner and the festival is on till 23rd April. What’s more, you ask ? Not only just Awadhi menu thats on offer, but the whole Feast regular buffet, which is touted as one of the humungous buffet spread in Hyderabad with some of the finest desserts.
Much said, about the place and cuisine, Did food really live upto expectations? I would say, it was beyond. Well, I cannot vouch for authenticity of any dishes, but they tasted really exquisite.
Murgh Tikka, prepared using Mustard and Garlic was super soft melt in your mouth. Finest tikkas ever had.
Galawati Kebab, in awadhi style was equally delicious to the hyderabadi counterpart and also enjoyed chow ke tikki along.
Mutton Sheek Kebab needs a special mention here, which by the way was another best dish I tasted. This had a mix of cottage cheese, to give you the flavors from 2 different worlds.
Paneer pilimirch tikka had garden-fresh cottage cheese and was no less to any non-veg counterparts, its only when I understood why Chef insisted us trying veg variants as well.

Among breads, Sheermal and Awadhi Naan were on the offer. Sheermal , unlike #humarahyd, is super soft. But, Awadhi Naan stole my heart.
Do not miss Baigan Bemisal, Dal Mumtaz ( a rich dal preparation where lentils are boiled in milk for an exquisite flavor) and the best of the best Nehari – Akbari Gate ke Nehari, which I enjoyed as a soup as well as a side dish for #AwadhiNaan.

How would I miss to mention about my favorite dish ? If your guess is biryani, you are right, but pulav stands my favorite too, when its prepared such as this ❤. Every bite of the pulav was aromatic and rich in flavors 🙂 .

Did I forget to mention about Chef’s special (well most of them are specials 😉 ) dessert, “mirchi ka halwa” – capsicum pudding with a mix of kova and chef’s secret ingredients makes this one of the most desirable desserts under his hat. Other desserts that I loved were sheer khurma and beetroot halwa (little sour in taste but enjoyed the dish).

And there’s nothing to speak about the place that’s hosting this festival. One of the best fine dine’s that I have come across with such a huge quality spread. Service staff is always ready to help you out in anyway that they can 🙂 . Do you still need anymore reasons to visit this place? I dont!!

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