Genuine Broaster Chicken – A perfect fried chicken

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When I had no clue about #GenuineBroasterChicken, I assumed it to be just another replica of KFC kinda place. Only later to realize that it’s a 60 years old brand with branches spread across major countries.

But why should you opt #GBC over KFC or for that matter any other fav fried chicken place of yours? They have a patented technology which consumes much lesser oil (about 50% less) than most of such restros. Result? That same awesome fried chicken  with near to no oil that you generally find as you dig into fried chicken. That’s one of the reasons I stopped visiting KFC long back as it’s too much oily inside as well.

Ambience :

Amazing setup with comfortable seating for about 30-40 pax in such a small place is a great feat. No clumsiness to move around – relaxing outdoor seating for cool evenings and all-time indoor seating did perfect justice to the area.

Food :

Their 3 variants of Fried chicken #TheLegendaryGenuineBroasterChicken made from wings and consists bone. Super soft and tasty.

#HappyFriedChicken – another variant of their fried list is a feast for boneless lovers. Perfectly crisped and chef’s secret marination makes it much better in taste and juicy.

#HotMasalaChicken – made of chicken thigh along with cajun seasoning makes this spicier (very mild) than its other partners and is a delight in desert for people like me.

What makes these variants much better ? Their dips! I really liked their Cheesy Jalapeno and Thai sweet Chilli dip. Curry Mango wasn’t helping me for an enhanced taste. Their combos for above range from 120-370 for 3-12 pieces.

From their new menu comes 4 types of #WINGS which is priced at 229 for 6 pcs (same variant).

I personally loved their #ButterGarlic which has proper and non-greasy coating of butter with a hint of garlic taste and therefore enhancing the taste of wings. Though I personally love my wings to be spicy, this made me change my mind.

#CurriedBBQ as expected was a little sweeter and pinch of tanginess and juicy. Definitely a go-to one for #BBQ taste lovers.

I have saved best one for the last. #NarangiSriracha was mildly spiced and luscious. Loved the way marination was done.

#KungPau is a good contender among and doesn’t disappoint too.

And they have just more than #FriedChicken and #Wings. Their #Burgers are good contenders and are refreshing from other regular eateries.

We tried #CrustyCheese , a veg variant which had 3-4 cheese balls spread across the burger. While it tasted decent, we felt that instead of cheese balls, a patty of it would have made the experience much better.

#HappyChicken among burgers made me happy with rightly crisped patty and sauces.

#ButterChickenBurger could have used better flavors of making a feel of butter chicken which was lacking. It also was much dominated by mint mayo sauce which might have killed the actual flavors.

Most of their Burgers are priced between 160-230 which comes with Fries along.

Not just #Western, they have #Indian menu too in both appetizers and mains with limited options. As we were almost full, I have tried one of their signature dishes #GhotalaKhichdi. From the reviews I have heard or read, their lamb variant is a killer. However, as there was no lamb available that day, I was forced to try egg variant, which din’t disappoint me but havent impressed me much too. Khichdi definitely tasted good and is how I was expecting it – but I would have preferred #lamb variant as this was nothing special to me.

They also have different variants of Fries which works for your different moods. #ButterGarlicPotatoes and #KungPauPotatoes does carry the same flavor as in wings and acts as a perfect replacement for veggies. Both priced at 180/- , which is something that I felt is on a bit expensive side.

#FreakShakes  #NewEntry

Out of 5 freakshakes that were introduced, we were able to to try 3 of them. All priced at 250/- each.

#RoseTrip – One of the delicious shakes that I had, prepared with rose extracts and and topped with rich cream and rose petals is a must to try if you would like to order from their shakes. Please note that these are not thick shakes.

#JimJamStrawberry – One can enjoy this drink if you are a fan of strawberry and its overloaded sweetness.

#AamAdmiShake – Wasn’t upto the taste. Did not feel much of mango flavor in it. Something that they have to work on.

#Dessert #GulakandMuffin – The only dessert that I could try after such heavy meal. Must say, their innovative muffin turned out to be very good. Being a fan of #GulkandPaan (Sweet Paan) , I would have loved it if it had a little more mix of gulkand.

Bottomline: So much already said, you might have already understood that this is the best place if you are craving for fried chicken or delicious wings. Don’t forget to order #GulkandMuffin if you love paan.

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