Quattro – Italian and Mexican Magic

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What are the top 3 things that would influence your decision to choose between restaurants when you want to visit them? Most of them would answer “Food,Service and ambience” and I would echo the same too. At a time when a new place opens it’s doors almost every other week, you have plenty of options to choose, when you want to go on a date or to spend a lazy evening or quick mid-day lunches. What if a restaurant serves you almost every other dish with scintillating food art along with amazing food, service and ambience ? It’s much easier to choose the place now 😉 . Where do you find all these then? Only a handful of places carry these qualities and majority of these belong to “Lemon Chilli Veg Gourmet Foods LLP” and are in the same building – Quattro,Spice Klub and Desi Klub.

Of the lot, Quattro is the first place which was open to public in late 2016 and is making noise ever since – be it for their #FoodArt, #InnovativeDishes or their #RusticFineDineAmbience. This place can house about 80 folks with ambience which is amazing for both lunch and dinner. They use molecular gastronomy and some artistic utensils to make amazing #foodart which entices even a non-foodie to munch on. Right from soups till desserts, everything is an art for them. Quattro, serves some of the authentic Italian and Mexican dishes with their own style. Just writing about all these makes my mouth watering wanting more of them. All these, and they serve only veg. And Yes, even a hardcore non vegeterian will feast on this scrumptious dishes without having a feel of missing out on non veg dishes, that how awesome this place is.

Price Factor: Quality and art comes at a price. This very much says that it is going to be a pricey place. Their soups are within 300, Salads between 350-500, Appetizers are between 350-500, maincourse ranging from 400 to 500 and desserts mostly within 500 with couple of exceptions which are priced around 1000 bucks. So, expect a meal for 2 would be around 2-2.5K AI.

For people who don’t want to spend so much, there’s an attractive 3-course meal offer running at 475++ for Weekday Lunches only. Given their prices, I would say that’s a steal deal.

Food :

Two soups on the table – Broccoli & Cheese and Mexican Tortilla & Red Beans soup. While the former is rich in cream and cheese and broccoli adding to the taste (not to miss their amazing plating), latter turned out to be authentic best.

Off to Salads, comes in Chilled Melon and Feta which is at presentation best in a vessel where liquid nitrogen smokes out from bottom and wine marinated melon spheres on the top.

Next one in line was Formaggio Di Patate which has baby potatoes tossed in oil and garlic also served with a utensil full of cheese sauce and cheesy icecream balls, did taste very good.

Taquito – Served differently from its regular style, has a tortilla cone filled with jalapenos , tomato salsa and topped with avocado ice cream. One of the delicious salads of the day!

Jalapeno Queso – Jalapeno cheese balls with a cloud made of jalapeno flavor. Another best at #foodart and tasty too.

Chilli Mexicano, part of appetizer is an international version of mirchi bajji 😉 and did a decent job.

Mocktails :

Spicy Watermelon Cooler has an interesting utensil again and also tasted very good and gives you a pinch of little spice after taste.

Another mocktail served on the table was Eat-Your-Mocktail drink – Ice Tea. Never a fan of Ice tea, this is surprisingly good. [pictures above]

Mains :

Burrito Pizza – Unsure how much authentic it is, it is one dish among mains which stole my heart. The tortilla base was crunchy yet soft and the different toppings added to the taste.

Spinach Riso With Veg Paprika – Spinach rice in a pool of paprika sauce. Decent enough to complete the dish.

Grilled Burritos , priced around 510/- is something that is not worthy for me to spend the bomb. While it tasted good, the quantity and regular taste of it may not make it go to dish for me to order.

Desserts :

Prepare your eyes for a feast. Chocolate Saturn – really looks like a saturn in size which has choco mousse covered with choco shell and when hot chocolate sauce is poured over this devil, melts like an ice and is delight to eyes and tummy. Choco lovers must not miss this!

Chocolate Dunkers is another dessert that is presented very innovatively which has chocolate bars and 3 different tubes with caramel, strawberry and chocolate sauce to your taste is amazing too.

Bottomline : This is one of the best places in the city if you love to enjoy Italian and Mexican fare with an add on of feast to eyes. Yes, this place is pricey, but such quality and innovation at fine dine is bound to be. For economical watchers, there’s 3-Course Meal on weekday lunches priced at 475++ which is a good bargain. For others, this is one place that you shouldn’t miss and experience the food 🙂

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