T – Grill – A modern Telugu Cuisine

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I was in a dilemma to visit this place as I had another plans which was a long pending one. Finally, after postponing my other plan, came down here for a dinner and must agree that I went out very much satisfied.  Let’s have a look at things in detail.
T grill literally means Telugu grill and let’s not get confused with authentic Telugu cuisine here.  Apart from few Telugu cuisine dishes, they have hyderabadi dishes (who are also Telugu 😉 ). So a mix of traditional and regional dishes is what they mean!
Ambience : A huge place which can accommodate about 160 people with about 4 PDR’s included. Ambience – a mix of traditional and contemporary. Loved the way they got it about right! (atleast for me). All Telugu retro hits played in background which is lovable. Seating is pretty comfortable with more than enough space between tables to move around.
Service : By far, one of the quickest and satisfying service!
Pricing : most of their items are priced between 200-300 with few maincourse dishes upto 350/-
Food :
I’ll start with haleem as this is the season which is gonna complete soon –
Veg Haleem – Stands in top 3 for me ( I tried 5 veg haleems 😛 ). Tasted really good with rich in texture and deliciously flavored. 159 /-
Mutton Haleem – Wheat was dominating meat. Felt meat could have been more which would have made this a better one. 199/-
Now to their actual menu –
Nalli vepudu and Natukodi vepudu – both of them had luscious meat chunks and the marination / masala was very close to home made food. Loved it!
Boti Fry and Kaju chicken were decent. Could have used less masala.
Grill fish – super soft and fresh fish, tasted good.
Tangdi Kebab – a decent try. Could use more spices to make it more flavorful.
Chicken wings – dint taste like one!
Veg platter – array of few of their best veg starters. Hara Bara kebab, Paneer Tikka, spring rolls, Mushroom. Mushroom tasted good and juicy. Spring rolls were a little chewy. Paneer could have been a little more soft. Hara Bara kebab, needed a little more cooking.
Main Course :
Mamadikiaya veg rice and Mamadikiaya mutton rice  – felt like home! Truly resembled the taste. Do try. I would prefer veg, not that non veg isn’t good, but I just love plain mango rice 😍.
Gongura Kheema Rice – Another amazing dish. Kheema and gongura rice went along very well and was enjoyable. Kothimira rice was equally delicious too.
Chinta chiguru rice – dint have much tangy flavor in it which I expected. Could have been better in that aspect.
Mutton Dum biryani and Kothimira chicken b/l curry – both weren’t as good as their formers. Biryani needed better yakhni and curry needs better flavors other than just Kothimira.
Ragi sangati – I’m no expert of this dish and I hardly had this 2 to 3 times till now. I liked this version when had along with pachi pulusu.
Ulavacharu palak Paneer – Never heard of the combination and they got this perfect 👌. Everyone on the table loved it.
Desserts :
Khaddu ka Kheer – I usually prefer this only when my mom makes this and failed in few places where ever I tried in my past. This however, resembled very close to my mom style.
Carrot halwa – quite decent. A little less of sugar would have won my heart.
Double ka meeta – very much soggy and excess sweet. I would have preferred it a little Crispy.
Pros :
Many dishes closely resembles the dishes made at home.
Quite a good range to choose from. A hyderabadi wouldn’t be disappointed too.
Pleasant ambience and lovely retro music.
Cons :
Few kebabs and hyderabadi dishes got to be better.
No options for veggies  from Telugu houses. Management has taken a note and would add them soon.
Bottomline : A place that wouldn’t disappoint you when you go without much expectations. A simple yet homely and decent/lovely meal is what you can expect.

T-Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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