Vapour – Get Ready to be Vaporized!!

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Out of many bar (pub/club/brewery) places that I have visited, only a handful of them serves decent food and is also dine-in friendly. Vapour stands apart from such places not only in serving some amazing food, but also showcasing their culinary skills in both plating and deliciouness too. Vapour, located in Jubilee Hills Road No.36, has replaced Chattes 36 and has remodelled the place from every inch. This place has 3 floors of seating to suit different needs of people. Refreshing outdoor seating, another floor seating to suit your cricket/sports needs on a large screen and the other being roof top. They can accomodate as much as 400 people and this goes up to 600 to 700 on weekends, as they claim.


Their starters range between 199-329 and serves decent portion size of not generous. Their mains are between 229-399 and portion sizes does satisfy the hungry panda in you. All their mocktails are priced at 190/-. Cocktail prices are subjective and pricing looks okish for me for such a place.


While they serve few amazing brewed beers and great and innovative cocktails, they have something up their sleeves for non-alcoholics as well.

Setting Sun – Primarily an orange juice, this is a refreshing drink in their menu.

Kiwi Melon – Presented in their signature glassware (a shoe modelled glass with Vapour written on it), this has a layer of kiwi topped with watermelon. You wont be disappointed!

As already mentioned, the food here not only appeals your tummy but to your eyes as well.  Their decent pricing, quality of the food, no usage of food colors adds a plus to their good service and delicious food.

mushroom duplex – Batter fried mushroom caps filled with cheese with hint of peppe corn and bell pepper is one of the amazing dish on their menu.

chicken 65 – Soft, juicy and tasty.

BBQ buffalo wings – buffalo wings tossed in chipotle sauce were a decent eat.

BBQ stuff chicken – one of a kind, breast chicken (like a roll) stuffed with zucchini , bell pepper and tossed in bbq sauce. Not to my taste.

crispy corn – a perfect snack for drinks. Light on pocket and delicious.

vada pav – You wont regret ordering it! Eat it with sauce and mirchi on top and you will love it.

cocktail tawa samosa chat – Baby samosa topped with green and tamaring chutney with a cocktail mix of pomegranate as a tastener is one dish that tasted just like the ones you have on bandi! Should I praise it more?

Atta chicken – Whole chicken marinated for 24 hours in amazing punjabi spices , tandoored , wrapped in banana leaf and covered with thick layer of white flour is a feast to the eyes. This dish is very rich in spices, heavy and is a whole meal in itself for 2.

alfredo – After having this, I have added Vapour to my list of delicious alfredos in the city.

Gosht Nihari with naan – While naan is definitely something different from regular and more like stuffed parata (tasted good btw) , Gosht Nihari tasted decent. A small bowl of Dal makhni is also served along which was real tasty.

Paprika Pizza – Somehow dint like either the taste or the base. I expected base to be a little crunchy (it was a thin crust pizza) which wasnt the case. It gave a sour after taste (which might be because of over cooking paprika). Though chef offered to prepare one more to our taste, we were already full by then.

Desserts :

mud cake – Delicious chocolate cake with creamy ganache is a perfect go to dessert here.

Blueberry cheese cake – This might have been a better dessert had the icing layers werent formed inside the cake (outcome of over freezing the cake). They promised to look into it and take necessary actions to prevent the same.


Bottomline :

I would reiterate my initial statement here – “One of the very rare bar/pub places” where you enjoy food as much as drinks without much burn to your pocket (atleast the food part 😉 )

Vapour - Brew Pub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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