CIBO House – Premium Italian Buffet

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CIBO House, one of the few places in twin cities that promises some sinful Italian food. With their ever growing demand and capacity being less in Hitech city, have now opened a branch in Gachibowli and is bigger than their first one. Easily accommodates about 100 pax, this place has drawn influence in ambience from its predecessor. They still are into buffet only and their charge vary from 515 to 845 ++ depending on day and time of buffet and serves 6 course buffet all the time (not considering their bread accompaniments in this).

Speaking about their food, barring few dishes from main course and desserts all others are served on to the table at your comfort.

Roasted Pumpkin soup and chicken soup, both tasted real good. I’m no soup lover, but these soups make you want more of it.

Cilantro Fish among non-veg starters was succulent and melt-in-mouth as chef describes it. It is one of their most liked dishes.

Milano prawns – While I cannot comment the authenticity of the dish, this tasted good and had Indianzed taste in it.

Caribbean chicken – a very mild flavoured grilled chicken may not for every palate as it might taste almost bland. So was the case with Moroccan lamb which had minced meat and very mild flavours.

Surprisingly their veg dishes turned out to be more delicious and is difficult to pick a winner among. If it boils down to that, broccoli rostata could be leading choice. A different variant of rostata (galouti style) stuffed and made totally with broccoli and spices (adding no other vegetables), is one dish you will ask for multiple servings.

Herb Grilled Cottage Cheese , purely added to satiate Indian palate was another delicious dish which is mildly flavoured and carries the perfect texture of grill and retains the softness of paneer.

Cheese Stuffed Mushroom – mushroom stuffed with cheese and crumb fried, also tasted good. I could have used a little more cheese into it, which could have justified my comparison with previous experiences. Aioli baby corn is also a decent try and haven’t disappointed in taste. A little more of olive oil to it, would have made this dish much richer.

After a heartiful starters, have tried few dishes among mains. Among Pizzas, tried Thin Crust Mexican Veggies pizza which was fiery and delicious. First round dint have much crispiness but the later rounds turned out to be better.

My fav dishes in Italian, Pasta and lasagna both have ensured that my cravings for these beauties are satisfied. Among the pasta lot, pesto was the best followed by Alfredo ( while this is good, a little more cream to it could have made it much richer in taste). Lasagna is served in a small curry bowl to ensure no wastage and is served again, if you would like it to be repeated.

From counter, Grilled fish with pepper sauce, malaga chicken went very well with flavoured rice and so were potato en corozza and ratatouille. All I knew about ratatouille a few years back was only movie 😛 , but this hearty French dish which mainly has zucchini and egg plant was quite delicious dish.

Most of the times, it turns out that some of the best buffets too has shabby desserts if not all, atleast couple of them. Unlike such, CIBO has ensured that the desserts stand out which is another main part of Italian/European cuisine. While Tres leche (made with bread soaked in different types of milk), made me eat more out of the bowl, coconut mousse caught me surprised with the rich taste that it has. Chocolate cake and cheese cake were no less in quality and tasted better. While panacotta was good, kiwi flavor which it is topped with was sweeter than it is required. Another scrumptious dessert that you would want to have more is bread pudding.

Given their place was almost full and most of the dishes were expected to serve on table, their service dint let us down and ensured that we don’t have much gap between the dishes and were always ready to assist in every possible way.

All said, this place serves some delicious pastas (any variant that you like), amazing desserts and decent starters which will ensure to leave happy and smiling. While pricing is arguable for few days, I would not mind if I’m craving for good Italian food and would like to try multiple dishes without much hole on to my pocket (such quality and number of dishes when ordered ala-carte could prove expensive). If not for anything, their pastas and desserts will ensure your money fully utilized 🙂

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