United By Flavors – A festival of NWFP Cuisine

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Trident is known not just for its hospitality but also their delicious food. Their restaurants are always busy with food festivals from across the globe with some celebrity chefs coming down. This time its the turn of Amara, which is hosting “United By Flavors”, headed by our celebrity chef Mujeebur Rahman, descendant of Khansamas.

This #NorthWestFrontierCuisine, as chef says, is a very simple cuisine in terms of cooking and spices. Spices added are ensured not to overpower the dishes and maintain a perfect balance that can be enjoyed by every palate.

Yakhni Elaichi Shorba was a perfect start to the meal with whole spices and mild. Couldn’t ask for a better soup for a cold evening.

Chapli Kebab, one of the popular dishes in Pashtun cuisine is a minced mutton kebab in the shape of a patty. Dhaniya (coriander seeds) enhanced the flavor to the already rich and delicious dish.


Dum ki Nalli among the festival dishes was scrumptious and went very well with sheermal. Lazeez Aloo tukri, a pan fried dish had a spicy touch and tasted delicious with mint chutney.Mahi Tilnaaz, a crunchy fish tikka topped with sesame seeds was brilliant. Another great kebab that went very well with sheermal was Murgh Anarkali tikka.

Among the mains, Murgh Chole was a great combo that I have come across for the first time, retained the deliciousness from both the worlds. This goes very well with breads (sheermal/roti) or rice.

Bhuna Gosht – a lamb curry where in lamb chops are pan fried with spices and is cooked in a gravy which gives the richness that it carries.

sarso machli – which has a mustard paste as the base did not carry much flavor of mustard and wasn’t able to enjoy much of the dish. Or may be I expected it to be in Bengali style ? Either way, I would have used a little more flavor of mustard in it.


khumb makai lazeez among veg mains is in synonymous with its name (delicious).

Ittr ki Dal was a surprise among the veg, which by the looks goes very simple, but gives u a fiery after hit because of the yellow and green chilli paste that is used in the preparation.

Yakhni Gosht Pulao – had geneous chunks of lamb which were soft and juicy. However, I felt pulao was a little underdosed in flavors which made my experience mediocre.

Desserts in any cuisine is the main part of the meal which enlightens the mood whether or not you enjoyed whole meal or not. Chef Mujeebur ensured to have the best here with Litchi seviyan and Gajrela on the menu. Both the desserts are new to me and were absolute killers . Litchi seviyan as the name goes, has rich flavor of litchi and not overpowering the taste of seviyan. My cough constrained me with a small portion, else it would have been a feast for me.

Gajrela – A speciality NWFP dessert, is a unique combination of Gazar and rice and gives you a foodgasm that you can’t forget.

Festival is on till 16th of Nov for dinners and is priced around 2500 with taxes. While the price may not appeal to everyone, NWFP Cuisine is rare to find in any restaurants!

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