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Last year around this time, Quattro and SpiceKlub has entered into ever booming Hyderabad and tantalized everyone with their Molecular Gastronomy coupled with delicious food. While it is true that these two places will never leave you in disappointment for serving only veg, few hardcore meat lovers have still looked out for those delicacies in non-veg too. Coming from the same management, by the bottle – not only serves you great cocktails/drinks but also amazing veg/non-veg apetizers that go very well with these drinks (they are great off drinks too ;)).

This place is smartly decorated on a roof top which has both indoor and outdoor seating. Indoor has woodtop tables and high seating chairts, with grafitti over the walls and a DJ for your hip-hop and karaoke needs. If you want to have a decent coversation over a drink or two, this isn’t the place for you. A high decibel conversation is always possible though 😉 .

Cosmopolitan is one of their signatures in cocktails which I’ve loved – the blend of vodka, raspberry juice, triple sec was perfect that ensured the drink is done in no time, though raspberry was little overpowered in taste. There’s another signature cocktai of theirs which is served in a skull made out of Jack Daniels. My first look at the skull reminded me of Indiana Jones and how much knowledge I can obtain from it 😉 – not just by the taste but it also impresses you by the looks too.

The cheese Garlic breads made an entrance first and you will be decieved if you believe it to be pizza by the looks. Name justified the taste and is served different to the traditional style.


While I have enjoyed Jalapeno cheese croquettes (supposed to be generously filled with cheddar cheese and jalapenos), it would have been much better if it was more cheesy, as it lacked enough cheese.

Malai Broccoli was one of the best in the lot with rich taste of malai coupled with farm fresh broccoli.

Deep Fried Mozzarella – As cheesy as it can get in the cut wraps. While this is soooo delicious, a little increase in quantity could make justice for 300 bucks.

Achari Mushroom – While it may not be outstanding, it definitely was tasty.

Chicken 65 – Havent expected much from this classic starter, but this was really good both in taste and quantity.

Basil Murgh Tikka – Will be my first ‘go-to’ dish in my future visits. The prevailing exotic flavor of basil when added to the soft and juicy chicken, is one dish that you will surely fall in love with.

Bhindi Kurkure – No one might have expected such a dish out of bhendi. Crispy bhendi turned out good for snacking.

Ghost Goli Kebab and Tandoori Prawns were decent.

Maggi Bhajiya among veg starters was very good with crispy outer layer of maggi and soft flavored noodles inside.


Kheema Pav and Paneer Pav both made way to our table and after the taste that we fell in love with in Kheema pav, paneer pav dint come any closer. However, only veggies were of the opinion that it was a good try.

Caprese Pizza, a basil dominated in taste is a really good option for vegeterians if you dont mind shelling out 450/- with negligible toppings.

By The Bottle Spl Pizza otherwise a kheema pizza was overdose on spices. a little less of it would have made this better. But at 550/- , its pricey for me.

If you ask me whats best among limited mains we have tried – I would point you to Singapore Noodles with hot chilli garlic sauce. Enjoyed every spoon of the plate.

While this may not be the place for you to hog on for desserts, they do serve some decent ones like Redvelvet cake and Tiramisu. Hazlenut chocolate was overfrozen for me, though chef says that it is how it was supposed to be.

This place has plethora of options in Starters, more than enough options in Mains and limited in desserts. While few of the dishes are Value For Money, few prices could be worked on. The overall experience makes this place a go-to when I’m in party mood. Do check it out yourselves.

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