Tabula Rasa – The Place to be!

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I’m sure most of you by now have observed the ad that is doing rounds and is covered in major parts of IT HUB – “31 Days, 51 Artists. One place to be”. This is as crazy as it can get and is a feast to music lovers. Well, the place in discussion is Tabula Rasa which is located beside Flying Spaghetti Monster in Jubilee Hills and is also owned by the same management of FSM. This place doesn’t just deliver you great music, but also awesome food (coming from FSM, most of us would have great expectations) and an ambience that is perfect for groovy nights and a laidback lunch under the sky.

They serve Italian/Continental/Asian Food and leave you with plenty of options to choose from. While there’s so many delicious options for you to choose from the food section, their USP remains to be cocktails. What’s so special, you ask? If I have to believe their claim, they are the only place who serves infused cocktails (even I haven’t come across one). Oh boy, each of their cocktails was a gem.

The first cocktail that I got to taste was “The Wakeup Bomb” – Many claim that drinking more of alcohol makes you drowsy, in contrary this drink ensures you don’t get a sleep at night! Why, you ask? This cocktail is prepared with vodka that was infused with coffee beans (for a day or two), Kahlua (a coffee flavored liquor) and Choco syrup. Never have I enjoyed cocktails so much till date.

Turbo charger is another drink that gives you a kick to keep you awake and charged. Prepared with LIT, Kahlua and topped with espresso , this cocktail itself has about 110 ml of alcohol in it.

For those who enjoy berries much, this is the drink for you – Berry blossom! Berries infused in vodka and mixed with cranberry juice is one drink you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Did I mention about Winter Sangria yet? I have tried Sangria in many places, but this is a first for me. Berries infused in Gin (they use Bombay sapphire) is mixed with sparkling wine is a wonderful drink to enjoy with food.

Well, there’s one for people who love shots too!! Spiked Kerouac is a combination of classic Margarita with a shot of strawberry infused tequila. This dint disappoint too.

Most of their cocktails are priced around 550 because of the aged liquor they use and quantity of the same. Though it looks pricey, it was worthy.

All these drinks were of course accompanied by small plates (appetizers).

Mushroom Broccoli Bites was one of the better dishes of the night with generous cheese and  enough quantity of Mushroom Broccoli in it.

Paneer Satay tasted tangy and didn’t go very well.

Malay Chicken Skewers were super soft and delicious with a dominating flavor of lemon grass

Masala Grilled Broccoli cream mixed with spices and marinated on broccoli had a good touch in flavor, but was nothing great.

Chicken Cigars, one of their signature dishes that resembles cigars with crispy outer layer and cheese with chicken inside. Can’t say no to second bite.

Dynamite Shrimps is a real dynamite for people who cannot take spicy food. Coated with sriracha, shrimps did taste great.

Chilli Basil Fish , prepared in thai style didn’t have much of basil flavor in it though it was good on final dose of flavors. Using riversole added that ‘fishy’ smell to it which dint go good with couple of us.

Mushroom Fried chicken burger had a unique combination of chicken and mushroom patty which did complement each other very well and was delicious. Fries are provided along to munch in. Priced at 275/-, it’s a bit pricey for me.

Lamb Cheese Burger had mildly spiced minced mutton patty with cheese layer on top and taste turned out to be perfect.

Curried chicken sandwich had juicy chicken curry stuffed in and was good in taste.

In the mains,

Thai veg curry with rice did taste good, but would have loved if there was jasmine rice was provided along instead of regular thai rice.

Blackened fish with paprika rice tasted good with sauce complimenting to flavor of rice and so was Mexican Chicken Drumsticks. Both BBQ Paneer Pizza and Spicy Chicken Pizza were okish and haven’t left much impression to the taste buds.

I wouldn’t expect much out of desserts from such places. Surprising part is that desserts are in house and are delicious. Red velvet cake did justice to its  name and taste. Apple tart unlike many places, is served warm and was great in taste. Even the base below was cut easily.

Warm brownie with vanilla topped was no less in taste with some of the delicious brownies that you can taste in dessert shops.

Their baked cheesecake is one of the delicious ones I had in recent times.May be, my zero expectations from desserts have satisfied me here.Nevertheless, this wouldn’t disappoint you too if you would like to end it on a sweet note here.

 Oh and there are thick shakes too ( never would have expected these in lounges like these) and we tried brownie thick shake which was heavy and brilliant in taste for the place.

If you are looking out for a premium lounge with luscious drinks and great finger food to go with, this is for you! Keeping aside their cocktails and few premium dishes, many other drinks and small plates do compliment if we are on a mid-range budget spree where in a couple of drinks over food can bill you around 1000-1500/-.

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