Rivaayat-E-Patiala at Kanak, Trident

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Its been about 3 to 4 years now that Trident has this Annual festival called Rivaayat, which simply means tradition and there by exploring less known dishes/cuisines from all over India. This year, MasterChef Bali has curated a beautiful menu from a 400-Year old Patiala Cuisine which was compiled by Maharaja Baljinder Singh and was passed on to chef by the current heir of the Royal Family and CM of Punjab, Cap. Amarinder Singh.

Chef Bali, who is also popular for his writings “FOOD PRODUCTION OPERATIONS” ,  had to run all possible ends to decode the age old recipes which was written in Punjabi and the measurements were vague to understand. It is when Chef’s experience came into action and decoded the dishes at ease.

This cuisine liberally uses diary products in most of the dishes, given the state it comes from and hence the richness in most of the dishes.

We started with Shahtoot Ka Peda which is a type of lassi made with mulberries and peda (khova). Truly awesome 🙂


Patialashahi Tikki – A Yam based tikki green peas,stuffed with yogurt and a hint of mango was mild and scrumptious.

Mewey Wala Murgh – One of the best kebabs in recent times, carries the flavor of almond and cream and balances perfectly with spices which gives you a royal touch to the kebab. Outstanding!

Khushk Mehi Kebab – Minced fish boiled with milk, out of which kebab is prepared, gives you a tough time to figure out that its made of fish. Very good, tastes better with black currant chutney.

From the mains –

Shalgam wala Gosht – Luscious meat chunks (so soft that it melts) tossed with onion based gravy along with turnips gives you a hint of sweet and spice and is one wonderful dish you should look out for!

Peeli Mirch ka Kukkad – Another melt in mouth dish (chicken) which is prepared with puree of yellow capsicum is one of its kind with busting aroma and flavors even after it gets cold.

Dal Bukhpari – A dish that is prepared with green lentils with generous amount of ginger, ghee and saffron that claims to make you hungry after a gap of 2 to 3 hours. Well, this turns out to be true and I’m hungry while writing this ( tasted this dish about 2 hours back).

Dum Bharwan Kareley – Bitter gourd stewed with tamarind leaves which takes out the bitterness and gives you a rich flavor.

So many curries – so what did we try them with ? The breads of Royal family where equally royal and exotic. Chaol wali roti which is prepared with 2 types of rice was amazing. Jaee wala paratha, an oat based bread shows that being healthy and eating healthy is not just today’s trend but an age old one.

Chole wale Pulao – Basmati rice layered with dum and small chick peas is no less to any exotic biryani in flavor and I have enjoyed every morsel of it.

Such an amazing Royal meal has to be ended with scrumptious dessert and it comes in the form of mirch ka halwa, prepared with green capsicum which carries the hint of spice , dominated by sweet.

Festival menu is very extensive and also has a set menu, if you would like to order the best of the dishes. Set Menu is priced around 3500/- per head and ala-carte varies between 600-2000.

This is one festival, that should not be missed, for the 400-Year old recipes are only known to Chef Bali (not to be found anywhere, as of now) and the royal and exotic flavors will linger in your mouth for quite sometime.

Kanak - Trident Hyderabad Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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