Star Bucks – Spring Menu @Alcazar

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Few say #StarBucks used to be a Mecca for coffee lovers. While I can’t vouch for it, I’m sure it has many followers. This was very much evident about 6 months back when Starbucks offered their beverages at 100/- and there was literally queue at almost all their branches 😁.
Owning to their demand, Starbucks has opened their new store in Hyderabad’s new landmark, Alcazar on 36,Jubilee Hills. Located conveniently in ground floor and is spacious with its regular themed ambience and also place extends to first floor in busy times.
They have recently launched their spring menu which includes delicious breakfast and lunch additions, fusion coffee drinks and have also launched yogurt smoothies for the first time.
I’ve given a try to few of their drinks and lunch options and here’s my experience :
Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato ( option of hot and cold – I’ve tried hot) did carry a perfect blend of Tahitian Vanilla and espresso and I’ve liked it the best of the lot.
Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie topped with muesli was mild on blueberry taste but it was luscious with the toppings.
Alphonso Shake had too much of crushed ice which may have diluted the taste and I’ve only got very mild taste of Alphonso.
I haven’t expected much from their food, but I must agree that they were killer.
Quinoa oatmeal priced around 200 is a wholesome and filling meal for a person on normal hunger and it tastes great even for the person who tries it for the first time (considering not many people enjoy quinoa/oats)
Chicken Pita had creamy stuffing of chicken and it was delicious 😋.
Vanilla cruffin was a perfect ending for me with rich vanilla cream in almost every bite of cruffin.
Do try the new #SpringMenu and enjoy their hot and cold beverages with season’s new.
My recommendations : Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato over a bowl of quinoa oatmeal or chicken pita 😊

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