Dum Pukht Begum’s – Feel of THE NAWAB

The new #Hotshot in town, #ITCKohenur is swanky, grandeur and spellbounding in its looks. Not only the hotel that is impressive, it also brings few of its speciality restaurants into this property, one of them being #DumPukht – a restaurant that ranks in #DinersClub Worlds 50 best restaurants and Winner of Asia’s first Golden Fork Award. Dum Pukht was once part of #ITCKakatiya as well but slowly it was replaced with other speciality restaurants. Now that the real #Kohenur of #ITC – #DumPukht is back, this place is already overbooked every single day. The royalty that this place carries be it in the royal entrance, or the rich cutlery or plush seatings, they scored full in every aspect of the looks.


Pricing :

They currently operate only for Dinners on Weekdays and operate for both lunch and dinners on weekends. Barring shorba, veg starters and mains are priced at an average of 750 and non veg starters and mains start at 950 and goes upto 1800.  An average meal for 2 should cost you around 3500/-

Food :

So what’s with the name, you ask? Dum Pukht comes from the cooking style of Awadhi cuisine, which they majorly serve. Dum means ‘Breath in’ and pukht means ‘to cook’. So, this slow cooking process with the pot sealed with dough crust gives the dish a richness both in flavors and aroma. Unlike many cooking processes, this slow cooking process ensures you relish the dish with burst of mild yet distinct flavors in every bite.

We started off our meal with Marag with tender lamb shanks which adds more flavor to the richness of shorba. And then stepped in #TheKakoriKebab, a dish that stood tall in their whole menu and won many laurels to the brand. This minced lamb, char grilled on a sweker with fine taste of indian spices touch to it , is the softest melt-in-mouth kebab, I have ever tried. Try it with their sheermal and you will have more reasons to order this dish in your every single visit.

What’s next best for you to order in starters? Jhinga Dum Nisha , prepared with tiger prawns, you may doubt if its really a prawn given how soft, juicy and flavorful it was. If you are allergic to seafood, Murgh Khatai Shikanja is the dish that you must look out for, for its richness of almond and saffron will make you want for more.


Seb Zameeni – aloo patty stuffed with beetroot is a unique dish that I’ve tried in recent days. Both flavors complemented very well.

Hara Kebab Awadhi on the other hand, had a dominating flavor of spinach with channa dal and couldnt enjoy much of cottage cheese which was stuffed inside.


So, while the dishes kept flowing in , captain of our table Uday and Restaurant Manager Zoheb ensured that we had a pleasant experience accomodating our needs (sometimes, you feel embarssed to take pictures and videos when the place is full in such a fine dine). Chef Aamer Jamal, a repository of this age old cooking style, tried to explain us the naunces of the ingredients and how crucial they are in the cooking process.

A small gap to our heavy starters and then, an array of veg and non veg mains ran onto our table. One dish that immediately caught my attention was Gucchi Mushroom sabzi(local name) Or Morel Mushroom. Grows only in the himalayan region, carries a honeycomb shape and does have a distinct earthy flavor to it. The price of this Gucchi starts from 10K and goes upto 30K as per the availability and demand. No wonder, #DumPukht is the only place that this dish is served at, in Hyderabad. If you want to try something unique, this is the dish for YOU!!

Dakhni Chowgra, predominantly made with greens is the dish that I’ve loved out of both veg and non veg mains. Two words – Piquant and saporous.


My recent visit to Aish, The Park made me fall in love with their Dum Ka Murgh. And when I’ve tried #DumKaMurgh here, it was nothing short of being magnificient. Abundant flavor of almond and saffron both in its gravy and chicken, is one another dish you must look out to order. Not for people who can’t take the taste of almond or saffron.

Lagan boti, compared to other dishes, was better on spice levels and I have enjoyed eating this. For people who love lamb shanks, #DumPukht Koh-E-Awadh is the dish for you.

For sea food lovers Begum’s Mahi Qaliya cooked with murrel , gives you a tangy and refreshing taste.


I have learned that their #Raan is a killer too, but couldnt try as we tried many dishes already.

Their breads/Naans are unique in taste. Naan Nazuk and Shahana Kulcha are the ones that carried this uniqueness, one being rich on malai and the other cooked with whole wheat and sour flavor which complements few dishes very well. Their Paratha was good too.


We all agree that when it comes to Hyderabadi or a Lucknowi cuisine, Biryani stands out and often people have a healthy argument, as to which is the best of the both. Hyderabadi Biryani is cooked in Kacchi style and Lucknowi in pakki style. In Kacchi, marinated meat and soaked rice are layered and cooked in dum style. In Pakki, cooked meat and half cooked rice (often boiled in meat stock) is layered and slow cooked in dum style and hence making this biryani more flavorful. Hyderabadi version is a bit spicier compared, given its rich use of spices like star anise, cinnamon sticks and cloves.

#DumPukht in Hyderabad serves both Awadhi biryani and Hyderabadi biryani (both mutton) and I must say that the fragrance of Lucknowi biryani filled my table once the lid was opened. Loved the taste. Hyderabadi biryani was also great, though it is refined, it really tasted good.

Such a grandeur meal, you would definitely want to end this on a high note. The dessert platter slipped onto the table which had small portions of Khubhani Ka Meeta, Gulamjamun stuffed with pistachio and almond chunks and Badami Kheer. I’m no fan of #QubaniKaMeeta , but this one flabbergasted me. Simple yet delicious. Badami Kheer was no less and was exquisite in taste.


Its very difficult to find a dish that fared average, though there are few dishes like Hara Kebab or Shahan Kulcha that might need an acquired taste, I really did enjoy them. People who doesnt enjoy saffron or almonds, you might need to check with the steward before you place the order, as most of the dishes do have these ingredients.In my view, #DumPukht is an epitome of Awadhi cuisine and the awards that this place has garnered since its inception stands as a testimony. what are you waiting for? Make your reservation 🙂

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