Ottimo which translates to worthy and admirable ,truly reflects the word in food! And when there’s an alluring ambience, fascinating cutlery and ONE breathtaking view, you know why its called #Ottimo 🙂

Cutlery is soo good that you might end up staring at plates more than food, in few instances. And then, the view from here gives you a great sight of the old and modern city. This beautiful restaurant has both indoor seating and limited outdoor seating. Outdoor seating, especially is a joy for couples who would like a lovely moon-lit dinner.

Our first course (antipasti) was with my love Burrata. The buttery and creamy richness of burrata is the cheese that I would love to have directly any day. And when its added into salad, you know its going to be much better.

Burrata salad with sun-dried tomatoes mounted into my mus-try dish soon after the first bite. The richness of burrata and the flavor of sun-dried tomatoes complemented very well.

Lobster salad with compressed pineapple and burrata is gonna be a treat for people who love sea food.

In Soups (Zuppa, is what they call) :

Prawns soup with kous kous was very good. For vegeterians, Artichoke soup with black chocolate and gorgonzola was one of its kind and this stood out for me.

Raviolis were brilliant. Rabbit ravioli tasted very good with richness of meat and with traces of balsamic reduction, only enhanced the taste of the dish.

Pumpkin ravioli topped with pumpkin seeds tasted equally good.

The Risottos:

This is another instance where veg stood out for me. Taste of asparagus in every bite & sun-dried tomatoes adding to the flavor made the asparagus Risotto a Killer.

And then, there’s King Prawns Risotto with Chamomile added which helps in digestion. Its a close competitor to the veg counterpart, if I must say!

We tried Alfredo Penne Pasta, which looked dry in the looks, but tasted really good. If your preference is keeping it saucy, please do mention before you order.

The last but one part of the meal – Secondi had Grilled Lamb chops and Eggplant Parmigiana.

Grilled lamb chops when added with gin sauce, taste was on a different level altogether and the vanilla mash along was yumm.

Eggplant Parmigiana had a dominating taste of eggplant. Parmesan was definitely felt, but was dominated by eggplant. This was my first time trying this dish. That said, it was good.

When I hear the word Italian, 3 things that come into my mind first – Pasta, Pizza and Desserts 🙂

We tried couple of their desserts – Pannacotta and Tiramisu

Presentation of Pannacotta is quite different. It looks like a plate, it is set in one corner of the plate, giving you a illusion that it is the part of plate and there’s nothing in the plate other than berries compote. Once you figure it out and have it, you will know that its one of the best. For me, the best pannacotta till date.

And their tiramisu only proves how good they are in their desserts. Delicious taste of mascarpone cheese and hitting flavor of espresso, made this another pretty dessert on the list.

#Ottimo has a spectacular collection of some authentic Italian dishes and each of them carries the uniqueness in it. If it continues the same taste and style, it won’t be an exaggeration if I say, #Ottimo is soon going to be one of the best Italian fine dine’s in Hyderabad.

Ottimo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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