Yi Jing – Yet Another Jewel of #Kohenur

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ITC is known to make right noises with their speciality restaurants and Yi Jing is another precious Jewel that ITC Kohenur has in its kitty. This speciality Chinese restaurant made its debut with Hyderabad ka #Kohenur and has already impressed many patrons with its unique taste and style. Yi Jing, which literally means “To change the classic”, presents its patrons the traditional dishes mainly from the areas of Hunan and Sichuan with a modish style.

Yi Jing can easily house 100+pax. Considering the star property, their prices are very aggresive too. Veg dishes are well within the price of 500/- and non veg starts from as low as 350 and goes up depending on th course and type of meat, but an average meat dish should be 500-700. So, its a delight for vegetarians who can close their meal well within 1500 for 2.


We started off our meal with dimsums which had spicy carrot & wasabi dumplings and Sake & Edamame Dumplings. The latter which is tossed in rice wine and made with young soy beans is something that is healthy and needs an acquired taste. Tastes a little bland, but with black bean chilli sauce, your taste buds jumps in joy.

Spicy Carrot & wasabi dumplings tasted great too, though I personally felt a little more wasabi would have done justice.

Among Appetisers Golden Fried asparagus with chilli sauce will be to-order dish in my subsequent visits – too good to stop with just one 🙂 Chilli Tofu in Hunan style was another great appetiser that you could order.


So, you generally see that soups are served in the beginning of your course, but #YiJing serves you mid-way as a strategic break between your starters and mains which also acts as a break for you to enjoy your mains and cleanses your palate. They serve some healthy soups which might not tickle every palate, but it surely packs host of benefits along. Be it their Quinoa & Tofu soup or Wakame & tomato soup, they are rich in vitamins and proteins, low on calories and helps you enjoy your rest of the course 🙂


So, whats the other dish that is a must try in my list? The Braised Mushroom jewel box (contains 5 types of mushrooms, hence the name) with their fried rice was soo delectable for me that I asked for a repeat of this. Stir fried chinese greeens in hot garlic sauce was a great dish as well and may not be for every one’s palate.

Handmade noodles is #YiJing’s speciality dish and is a must try – totally liked the dish.


When it comes to desserts, be it their innovation in making the dish or the style of plating that they present with – both make you go ‘awwww’ and make you wonder why doesn’t other chinese restaurants serve such delectable desserts!

So, the combination of desserts that I’ve tried were new to me and none of them disappointed. My picks, if you ask me, would be their Madagascar Milk Chocolate with Jasmine tea tart and their peanut marquise was a great choice too. They also serve Porcini ice cream (mushroom ice cream) which is served with Anise caramel custard (innovation at its best) and is something that you should try, if you wont mind trying something different , though the taste may not appease as much as the first two that I’ve listed down.


To wrap it up, I would definitely go back to this place (for I missed having non veg dishes, which I was told were awesome) for these reasons – for being VFM,amazing taste and a great service coupled with traditional and modern ambience. You should visit this place too and share your experience 🙂

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